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      I’ve been planning a trip to CB with two other folks, and we’d be going for a week in August. Trying to hit most of the “famous” trails, but Im looking into some contingency plans in case mother nature decides to banish us to some lower ground.  Hartman Rocks looks like a good bet, I was wondering if y’all had any other suggestions.


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      Hartman’s is a good bet, and many of the trails around town Crested Butte like Upper Loop, Lower Loop, and Lupine are a bit lower and are likely out of lightning danger. That said, I’ve been walking down Elk Avenue in Crested Butte and seen a bolt of lightning strike the ridge maybe 500 vertical feet above town, so if it’s lightning out, nothing is a guarantee.

      Also consider Strand Hill as another, relatively low option. Also, depending on the way the storm systems are moving, I’ve found that Strand’s location sometimes keeps it out of the main systems that get hung up on the high mountains.

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      There are sooo many trails in CB to ride that you shouldn’t have any issues finding rideable ones due to weather.  Especially in August, they get an afternoon rain almost every day there but then the sky parts and its back to blue sky.  Just equip yourself for this when you ride and try to get out early rather than later.  Hartman rocks is terrific but it is about 30 minutes away.  You will love it, my family go there every year for the trails and the town.  Both are incredible.

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      When weather rolls in = Breweries!

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