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      I have a new mountain bike that I feel is kinda broken in now, and it has started creaking from somewhere.  Might be headset, might be forks, might be suspension… probably not anything else.  I’ve checked the torque on all the things I can find, and it’s all good, and there’s no wobble in the headset that I can tell.

      My question is, is it something I should really spend some time tracking down, or is it probably not that big of a deal?  I don’t mind a little noise, but I’m worried maybe I’m causing wear and tear to something because it’s not tight, but I can’t find anything loose.  Bike’s a 2016 Scott Genius 710.  I can sometimes get it to creak just by sitting on it, so I’m guessing it’s the suspension.

      Anyway, any advice?

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      This is most likely your seatpost creaking. Pull it out, apply some grease and put it back in. Apply a little grease inside seatpost clamp too. If sound still persists, check for bushings and other moving parts.

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      ^^ agree with stumpy that it COULD be the seatpost and is a good place to start. I also pulled off my saddle and applied grease to it and tightened it down as well as the saddle can sometimes make creaking noises.

      I just purchased a new Santa Cruz back in March and after a while I also began having “creaking” noises. My LBS was adamant on finding the noise (after 4 different visits and dropping off my bike) and fix it. Actually, they were very understanding and encouraged me to bring it back each time if it didn’t go away. Granted my bike is/was new and they showed great customer service after the sale. You mention that your Scott is a 2016 so I don’t know if you JUST bought it (or where from) or it’s just beginning after owning since purchasing since 2016. Any caring and good LBS either under warranty or being paid should help this creaking noise disappear IMO. My creaking ended up being in the bottom bracket of all places.

      The noise almost drove me crazy as I rode. It would come and go at different times on the trail and it was just plain annoying. You/we get on our bikes to get out and enjoy the ride. You suggest that a “little noise” isn’t too bad but if it just started I assure you that very soon it will be quite noticeable and grate on  your nerves. I recommend that you fix it now so that you can think about other things as you ride! IMO

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      A few ideas. If it creaks when you are out of the saddle, then it isnt the seatpost. Grease the post as previously mentioned, sometimes the saddle rails can cause creaking too. If it creaks when you are out of the saddle and peddling, could be the bb. The bike shop can press out press fit bbs and lube the inside up and that can help. I had a creak once on a new bike that I couldnt track down for the life of me, turned out it was a spoke that was loose. Might be worth checking the tension on your spokes.

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      Yeah, I’ll second Ken’s LBS suggestion.

      The second season I had my Remedy it started creaking. I gently tighten every bolt (or so I thought) and still the creaking persisted….drove me crazy. Finally took it into my LBS and they immediately saw I had sheared the seat stay pivot bolt. As God as my witness I had looked that bike over a dozen times, but it’s a matte  black frame with matte black bolts and I had completely missed that -one- effing bolt. ….so i would suggest you get a second set of eyes on it, if for no other reason than a sanity check.

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        when a new bike gets broken in many things losen up (bolts, cables, etc)

        If you don’t do your own bike maintenance  the bike shop where you purchased it normally will give you a free tune up



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      If you have a dropper post, use friction paste instead of grease. Pretty much every dropper post manufacturer tells you NOT to use grease.

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      These are all great tips — thank you!

      I purchased it off of eBay (I know — risky proposition) because the prices was easily $1000 cheaper than anywhere else I could find it, and I am decent at doing most maintenance (except for headsets, for some reason — they freak me out).

      It came brand new in box, and didn’t creak at all for the first month or so, then I banged it around a bit on some local singletracks and it started creaking.  I’ll definitely check the seat post / test that it only creaks when I’m seated.  I was so obsessed with the headseat that I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks!

      Last, I’m going to buy a better adjustable torque wrench and go through and methodically check the torques on things.  Anyone have any suggestions on brand? I have 2 socket torques, but they’re a bit unweildy and I’m skeptical about their accuracy with all the adapters and such.

      Thanks again.  You guys are a great help.

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        just take it to a reputable bike shop for a tune up.  It’s usually only around 50 or 60 bucks.  That will get your problem fixed in no time and you will be on your way with a well sorted out bicycle

        you will learn something as well when they find the problem



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        I’d be down if I hadn’t had bad experiences with every single LBS in south Denver.  Any suggestions?

        Elevations was pretty cool, but they charge an arm and a leg for every little thing, and they just sort of ‘forgot’ to do the thing I paid for a few times.  Oh, and they’re booked out like 3 months for tune-ups.   Bicycle Village are pretty nice, and reasonable, but mostly work on lower end bikes and hit or miss depending on who’s working.  Also booked out like 3 months.

        I was considering the Giant Store (Aspen grove) or Alpha Cycle, but know nothing about their quality and/or prices + schedules.

        I love Salvagetti’s but I haven’t been to their new store and they’re pretty far way.

        In short, my experiences with LBSs in Colorado is what drove me to buy tools and start doing most of the work myself.  Just never chased down a creak before, so I was looking for some advice.  That being said, if you have some suggestions for a non-smarmy, reasonably-priced (i.e. $50 for a light tune would be fantastic!), LBS who’s capable of doing the work right and not going to scoff at my choice of bike, I’m totally listening.  🙂

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        <p style=”text-align: right;”>Not familiar with Denver bike shops.  Sorry.  I know it’s hard to find a good mechanic.</p>
        I got lucky. I found a very good mechanic at a local Sun N Ski shop.   He has worked on bikes from a young age and is very good at his craft.

        Ask around for a good bicycle mechanic

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      TheProletariat, you might also lube your spacers under your handlebars if you have them.  I have had creaking there also.

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      Sweet… thanks, mongwolf.  I was just tooling around with it and it’s definitely the seatpost.  There’s almost no creaking when I’m out of the saddle.  I ordered some friction paste and will tear it apart and clean it up when that stuff arrives.  I’ll let you know how it shakes out.

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      Glad you found the seatpost was the problem and you are getting friction paste.  For other’s reference, NEVER use grease on carbon frames or components.  The grease will react with the resin impregnating the carbon fiber, causing it to soften and swell.

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        Cleaned out the seat tube and wiped down the dropper post (reverb). Put about a pea sized worth of paste in the hole — maybe 2. Creaking is entirely gone.  Thanks!

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