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      I have a GT force 3.0, the rear brake has gone soft, so i think i need to bleed it. I know how to bleed brakes on dirt bikes, but is it the same procedure on mountain bike brakes? and the master cylinder says "mineral oil" on it. is there a certain type of mineral oil i should use, or is it all the same? I have some Motorex hydraulic fluid 75 (mineral oil) that says it’s for bike and moto. I bought this stuff to use in a motorcycle hydraulic clutch, but will it work in MT bike brakes?

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      Welcome to singletracks forcerider,I dug up these two links for ya.The first one is the service procedure’s for your tektro brakes with bleeding procedure and the second is the product description for your tektro brakes.The only mineral oil description I could find is for "non corrosive mineral oil",and the sevice description calls for a service kit to bleed these brakes.
      I’m sure there will be a bigger bike geek with a more deffinetive answer than I can give you at this time,I’ve only bled my avid juicys once so far and I had help at that,so I couldnt tell ya exactly the correct mineral oil to use for your brakes,although I’ll be following your post right along with ya to learn as well.
      Glad to have ya here at singletracks and hope you enjoy the website like we all do.

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      Bleeding is pretty easy..Go from bottom up. And It would be best to use brake fluid from either Shimano, Magura, or Finish Line…Those are all bike specific..Now to prevent the brakes from going soft in the future…Try not to place the bike upside down….\Tectro Shimano are bad for that as they introduce air into the system…

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      If you check out our blog area I have posted disk brake service and I cover brake bleeding.

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