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      For the last 10 years I have ridden a K2 Zed 3.0 26er hardtail. It has gone under a couple of different transformations and a full blown overhaul 3 years ago. Old habits die hard.

      The next change is I am ditching is the 3×9 Shimano Deore system with integrated shifters and moving to a 1×10 system.

      I purchased the following to make the conversion, a Race Face 30 tooth NW crank, a SRAM X9 10spd rear derailleur and matching shifter. I also purchased a shimano XT 10spd rear cog to match up with my XT hubs and picked up a 42 tooth Wolf Tooth rear. So the last final component is the brakes…

      What to do with my brakes…  Since I am ditching my integrated shifters I have to address the brakes. Currently I ride Avid BB7 mechanical. When I converted from rim brakes to disc a few years ago, I thought I would do it by baby steps. Plus I didn’t have to change over my shifters then either. So…

      Do I just buy a set of mechanical brake levers and keep rolling with the BB7’s, or do I suck it up and buy hydraulic. I have really enjoyed my BB7’s. I have put a 1000 miles plus on them and never had a problem. A little tweak here, a little adjustment there and they just keep trucking. I have read all the articles in regards to the plus’s of hydraulics and I am completely intrigued by the move. But which set… Shimano XT’s, SRAM Guide RSC, Avid Elixirs… this where my eyes start to cross.

      If I decide to make the move to hydraulic what is the best bang for my buck?




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      Buy the levers for the BB7s. Several months ago, after getting fed up with having brakes that seemingly needed to be bled all the time, I switched back to BB7s from hydros. The BB7s give me enough stopping power (though not as much as the hydros) and they’re super easy to adjust and maintain. Plus, you’ll save money going this route.

      If you really want hydraulic brakes, you can get an entry level Avid Elixir front brake for $29 right now:

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      I don’t see anything wrong with mechanical brakes. BB7’s are pretty bullet-proof. If you do decide to go to hydraulic, I’d suggest the Deore 785s. Pretty cheap and they work great.

      I would stay away from Elixirs as they have a history of air introduction and squealing. I’ve owned a looooot of them and have had some sort of issue with all but one set.

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