Any Fat Bike Conversions to 29+?

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      I have demo’ed a few fat bikes primarily for riding in snow.  I really like the Beargrease.  It comes stock with 3.8″ Maxxis Minions on 27.5 Mulefut wheels.  One of the appealing options of the BG is the ability to swap out wheelsets as Salsa says you can go wider with 26 wheels and run up to 4.8″ tires or narrower on 29’s running up to 3.0″ tires.   Given that we’re midway through winter I’m looking ahead to the spring and was thinking about whether I could ride this with 29er wheels either rigid or as a hardtail (with Bluto).  I’m thinking that this would satisfy my need for something between the current stock setup of the BG vs. my XC full squish rig.  Interested to hear from those that have swapped out their fat bike wheels for a 29+ wheelset.  What was the bike? what wheelset did you go with?  what tires are you running?   what’s been your experience?  Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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      I have a 2015 salsa blackborow that I converted with 29plus wheels for bikepacking trips.  I purchased the wheeler thru bikes direct for 250 complete and have been very happy with them.  They setup tubeless with bee Trax fatty tires.  The wheeler is 5 pounds lighter than my clownshoe lou tubeless set.  I have no regrets, they roll over everything and have enough damping that I don’ think I need a bluto.

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         I purchased the wheeler thru bikes direct for 250

        triton: That sounds like an insanely good deal!   Also appreciate your perspective on the (lack of) Bluto

        summer set of 29? wheels with hope hubs ,stans flow mk3 29.1 inside with just a set of 2.3 ardents

        lhzawd:  Interesting setup.  Are you riding her rigid or as a HT?  How’s she ride (compared to a standard, non-fat frame)?

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      i have kona wo with 26″  4.8 front and rear and also a summer set of 29″ wheels with hope hubs ,stans flow mk3 29.1 inside with just a set of 2.3 ardent s

      my new build salsa bucksaw will also have 2 sets – current a 65mm marge /hope hub rear with a 4.6 dunderbiest  and 4.8 front

      the next set for summer will be a 29″  35mm inside rim /hope hubs with a 2.6 rear (size limited ) and a 3″ front

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      The kona -I added a WREN fork , I had wrist problems from last year and all the vibrations. On the street I had racing Ralph’s 2.1  and the rigid fork on it – works great As a hard tale it works good in snow but once hikers have created deep footprints that freeze, the ride becomes real rough and hard on the back . I added a suspension seat post and that helped a lot.

      its the reason for the bucksaw fs build and it works amazing , it will be my year round bike with the different wheels , I’ll be getting rid of my cannondale scalpel I had set up as a plus bike

      as for most people settling for a bluto….

      Get  a WREN!!  They are amazing

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      Get  a WREN!!  They are amazing

      As triton suggests, I’m going to see how this thing rides sans suspension and go from there.  It’s good to know there are options outside of the Bluto (Salsa does not recommend using the Mastodon).

      Link to whee set I own.

      That’s an insanely good deal!  Only issue with the BG  is that it has 12 x 177 drop outs 🙁

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      Just got the new wheels.  Went with Stan’s Baron rims (35mm inner) laced to Hope Fatsno hubs.  I’m running Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR plus tires (3.0) set up tubeless.  There is a significant difference vs. the Mulefut fatties in terms of rotational weight.  For those with 29+ what pressure are you running?


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      Pressure for me depends on conditions of the trail, my total weight if bikepacking and style of riding.  I had to learn on the fly, still learning.  You will like the setup, those wagon wheels are huge and roll over everything!

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        You will like the setup, those wagon wheels are huge and roll over everything!

        triton: you’re not kidding!  Starting out running 12psi (front)and 15psi (rear) on mostly xc trail (I’m about 190lb in full gear) and that was pretty solid.  I may try dropping a few psi to further soften the ride on root/rock sections.

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