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      I’m wondering if anyone out there can share their experience with purchasing bike insurance from a company like Velosurance (or any other insurance company that will cover mountain bikes…it looks like even Geico does)

      Was it worth it? Would you mind sharing your rates and what you had covered? Was the claim process easy? Any insight would help…even directing me to an existing forum on the topic that I missed!


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      Travis, there are some things to consider… Bikes today require the equivalent of car loan!!


      Coverage terms need to be clear. Does it cover accidents, property damage, fire, theft etc.

      What is the premium? Would that premium buy a new bike in less than say, two years? Frankly, people need to investigate the terms of their homeowners/renters insurance. They may already have coverage and not know it.

      Peace of mind is also a key component.

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        Yes, all good things to consider. have you purchased bike insurance yourself?

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      I have a seperate rider for all my bikes with my homeowner’s insurance policy. Only costs an extra hundred or so a year (and that covers 8 bikes).

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      Yes, all good things to consider. have you purchased bike insurance yourself?


      I have not since other policies covered the bikes. Pays to raise the important questions during the process of choosing insurance. Create a list of questions and question the coverage of many items as you feel necessary. It is worth knowing if you are buying the same coverage multiple times over.

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      It’s expensive and is getting worse.
      When I lived in a high crime area I paid it but over the years it’s a lot of money. My advice would be use the absolute best physical security you can lay your hands on at home and never let your bike out of your sight. I know this doesn’t answer all possible issues but it’s the way I’ve gone

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