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    Sometimes you just can’t beat the sketchy feeling of rippin’ down the trail on an aggressive style hardtail!  Post a picture/spec’s of your aggressive hardtail’s below!   I just purchased a Vitus Sentier + and surprisingly this thing is fast, nimble and aggressive!

    Btw, his name is Ron Burgundy, Stay Classy!

    New Bike Day!

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     Ron Burgundy 🙂

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    I got this Orange Crush last October. Even after one year I still get excited to ride this thing, which hasn’t happened with any other bike I’ve had. It’s the 2017 “S” build, although it also has a Thomson dropper post, Maxxis tires (high roller II front, minion dhf rear,) and a Shimano deore xt four-piston front brake. It’s a heavy bike, and kind of sluggish on tighter climbs and flat trails, but as soon as the trail points downwards it more than makes up for it. I’ve never cared for the feeling of full-suspension bikes, so it’s nice to be able to get an aggressive hardtail that can handle riding with a complete lack of finesse.

    I hope the picture shows up. It’s a really stunning blue.

    (guys I swear I’m not a shill for Orange, I just really like my bike. They have their geometry figured out.)

    My bike at the top of one of my favorite trails

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     I have owned this 2006 Ironhorse Maverick Team for years. The only stock items left are the frame, crank and rims…It has been a great budget bike, and I love how efficient and balanced it is. Nice when I want to cruise something more civilized, and I don’t have to worry about my expensive trail rig. Pure fun.

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    I used to own this Production Privee Shan 916 limited edition until it was stolen a couple of years back. I still miss this bike 🙁

    By the time it was stolen it was running Shimano XT 1×11, and had a custom DT Swiss EX471 on orange Hope Pro 4 wheelset. 150mm fox 34 FIT4. Such a sick bike.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Santa Cruz Chameleon.  I replaced an older XC style dual suspension with this bike.  Thanks to modern geometry and fat tires, I’m riding more aggressively than ever.  Been riding 25 years and this is the most fun bike I’ve owned.</p>

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    Simply my San Quentin 2. Super sick geometry.

    (not mine but it looks like this)

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    So coool seeing these hardcore hardtail. My opinion is only hard-asses ride hard tails. (Ok it’s a self-fulfilling and self-congratulating statement:))

    Here’s my baby. Soma Juice XL, 2.5 minions


    See you out there.



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    My Ghost Kato 6.Rockshox Silver fork with remote lockout Deore / SLX drivetrain, 2×10. Don’t like the idea of only having one chainring. I’ve put on a Serfas saddle, some BIG platform pedals, a dropper post and Maxxis tires. I have 170mm cranks but might need 165s. It’s a 27.5″ rocket. Her name is Belinda Carlisle.

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    That’s better. I couldn’t get the image to show up last time. 2017 Orange Crush; the picture is a little outdated, since now I’ve got some Stan’s Flow mk3 wheels on it and a 170mm drop Oneup dropper post, going to that from a 100mm drop was a huge improvement. It’s the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden.

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    Just loving my Honzo.

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    My Vitus Sentier in its natural habitat: far above the treeline on some mountaintop in the clouds. Since then I’ve added a Factory Fox 34, so it’s even shinier (or dirtier, depending on when you catch me).

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    My Ragley BigWig with Cooper.

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    This is my Raleigh Tokul pretty good budget bike  120mm travel, 1×9, 27.5×2.2, and it weighs in at about 30 pounds.

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    My first MTB, I’m in my late 20’s. Got it last week and have pretty much been looking at it because there’s not much snow and it’s going to be -20 in Minnesota next week!

    Airborne Griffin 27.5+  

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    2018 Commecal Meta HD. Bike

    rips. Running 27.7 x 3.0s. 150mm Fox 36 up front.

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    Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead.  I am quite fond of this bike.

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    My 2017 Rootdown BA with a MRP Ribbon.

    It’s my employee discount special.

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      I know that spot.  Here is my old aggressive single speed hardtail circa 2009.

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    Here’s my most recent build, Dartmoor Primal 27.5 on 2.6 Minions and Fox 34 160mm.  It rips!!


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    Trek Roscoe

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    New build Rocky Mountain Vertex, SID Fork, XT, & Rotor 34t Q-Rings. Shredding Tecolote Trails in San Diego!

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