What is Your Favorite Outdoor Activity, Aside From Mountain Biking?

When you're not mountain biking, which outdoor activity do you want to do the most?
Mountain bikers uphill skiing in the winter. Photo: Matt Miller

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’re likely a dedicated mountain biker, but all of us face the changing of the seasons at some point. Whether we like it or not, cold nights, short days, and wet weather make it challenging to ride all year long.

But, even if you do have weather that cooperates year-round, you might also find that you want a break from mountain biking. A space and distance from the sport that re-energizes you and makes you appreciate the two-wheeled, alloy and carbon-fiber horses that give us life. In the northern hemisphere, that space tends to come in December.

While you might be one those people that switches to fat biking or road riding in the winter, we want to know what you enjoy doing most outside, aside from cycling.

If you don’t have any outdoor hobbies outside of mountain biking, tell us why not in the comments below.