The best mountain bike articles of the year (so far)

These are the most popular MTB articles Singletracks has published in the first half of 2024.

We may be halfway through the calendar year, but it feels like we’re just getting started! With a ton of new products and trails to report, we’ve hardly had a chance to take a breath until now. To celebrate Independence Day (and also ICYMI), here are the 10 most popular articles this year from your favorite independent mountain bike publication. 🇺🇸

Photo: Ziga Plahutar / Getty Images via Canva Pro

I can ride my bike 50 miles but can hardly run two. What gives?

You’re a strong, fit mountain biker. So why does running still hurt so much? Matt talked to an exercise physiologist to find the answer. Read the article here.

Photo courtesy Nathan Peterson

He’s riding his grandfather’s MTB from the early 90s and winning races 🏆

Nathan Peterson is racing his grandfather’s 1994 Merlin Mountain titanium hardtail mountain bike, and in spite of the dated geometry, he’s winning. Read the article here.

Photo: Vivika Stamolis

The newest county park in Washington is only open to bikers

“These trails have saved my life.” Through a rare private-to-public land swap, the residents at Tehaleh have access to an incredible bike-only trail system. Read the article here.

Photo: Craig Brickser.

How a North Carolina community managed to build high-quality mountain bike trails in a city park

A lottery winner helped fund the new trails at Rocky Branch Park near Charlotte, North Carolina, and the project greatly benefited from a master planning process. Read the article here.

The Presta killers are coming for your tubeless tires

Three companies are releasing “Presta killer” tubeless tire valves this year in hopes of improving on a design that’s been around since the 1800s. Read the article here.

Photo: Mike Cartier

Waltons purchase 2,700 acres of land so Bella Vista doesn’t get left out of MTB development

Northwest Arkansas could see a major expansion to its mountain bike trail system thanks to a 2,700-acre land acquisition by the Runway Group. Read the article here.

Would you buy a new MTB with 27.5″ wheels?

The mountain bike wheel wars are over. Now we’re surveying the damage. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, weigh in here! Look for an article on the topic later this year.

The one MTB upgrade that makes the biggest difference… and the ones that don’t

Travis argues that a wheel upgrade can make the biggest difference when it comes to mountain bike performance. Read the article here.

Fruita’s famous trail system is doubling in size and most of the new trails are already open

In response to crushing rider demand, the mountain bike trails in Fruita are being expanded with 32 miles of singletrack planned. Much of it is already open, along with expanded e-bike access too. Read the article here.

Do you own an electric mountain bike?

Singletracks has been writing about e-bikes for over a decade, and we’re curious to know how many Singletracks readers own one. Take the one-question survey if you haven’t already.

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