News: Camelbak’s #gnarliestdescent Photo Contest

Gnar(ly): a particularly challenging section of terrain often consisting of varying combinations of root patches, rock gardens, drops, precipitous slopes, and/or trees within close proximity that may be wet, dry, loose, and/or off-camber, presenting a higher risk for involuntarily dismount from one’s bike

-est: adjective or adverb suffix used to indicate the greatest degree of a particular quality

Descent: a downward step in scale: slope

Gnarliest descent: fun

#gnarliestdescent: fun opportunity to win free stuff!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.55.32 AM

From May 11-June 30, Camelbak is giving away 2 K.U.D.U. packs a week during their #gnarliestdescent Instagram photo contest. Upload as many photos or videos as you want to Instagram (IG) of you charging, cleaning, levitating, or otherwise “managing” the hairiest, nastiest, and less-than-agreeable terrain, and Camelbak may deem you K.U.D.U.-worthy.

For your shot to count, you must follow @camelbak on IG, tag the submission using the hashtag #gnarliestdescent, and make your profile public (captions are optional).

Each week, Camelback will select 2 winners that will receive the K.U.D.U. 12 or K.U.D.U. 18, valued at $200 and $225 respectively. The K.U.D.U. is the company’s new line of hydration packs to meet the tall order of enduro riding, and features a back protector insert, 3-liter reservoir, and the capacity for armor and a full-face helmet.

…but wait, there’s more!

One lucky gnarly descender will take home a grand prize which includes Camelbak’s K.U.D.U 18, an Avatar Helmet ($280), Vaza Knee-Shin Pads ($75), and Kula Elbow Pads ($60) from Kali Protectives.

Contest entry is free, but requires a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with Internet access and an Instagram account (also free, for now). See official contest rules and details.

See you out there… or down there… or wherever!

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