New SPIN Impact Protection and Clarity Lenses from POC

New POC Coron Air full face helmet with SPIN pads

POC is getting into the rotational impact protection game with their new SPIN pads included in select 2018 helmets. The silicone pads are designed to dissipate impacts, transferring less energy to your brain, reducing the chance of concussion. Unlike MIPS, the SPIN system is designed to work in three axes, instead of a single axis. Other protection systems we’ve tried — like Leatt’s Turbine Technology — use materials that harden under impact. POC’s SPIN pads do not; they remain soft and squishy.

POC will offer the SPIN system in their Tectal Race ($220), Octal X ($250), and Coron Air ($275) helmets.

POC’s silicone SPIN pads

Clarity Lenses

POC’s new Clarity lenses are designed to increase contrast, allowing you to interpret terrain faster. The Clarity project was a collaboration with renowned lens maker Carl Zeiss. POC will offer the Clarity lenses on their Crave sunglasses as well as their new MTB-specific Ora goggles. Different versions of the Clarity lenses will be available to match specific lighting conditions.

Lots of ventilation

The Ora goggles ($90) give riders a huge field of vision and look to have ample ventilation to prevent fogging. POC designed the Ora’s profile to fit perfectly with their Coron and Tectal helmets.