Mountain bikers > Road cyclists

Whenever my brother and I would drive up to the mountains for a day of mountain biking we’d invariably pass groups of cyclists out on the road to which we would yell “road bikers suck” out the window of our speeding car. It was certainly good natured, just a friendly rivalry like that between skiers and snowboarders. (Now I have a road bike of my own and my brother still gives me junk about it.)


For those of you who just won’t let the rivalry die, here’s an interesting event you may have missed: a mountain biker jumping the Tour de France peloton. A good description is posted at Mountain Biking UK and I first read about it at the Team Geared Up blog (though note that this actually happened during the 2003 Tour). Thanks to the miracle of You Tube you can now see video footage of the historic event. Enjoy!