Do you Like to Ride Solo or With a Group?

There are benefits to riding in a group, and also riding alone. We want to know which one you're favoring at the moment.
File photo / Mike Cartier

Working remote has its benefits, like spending less time in traffic, raiding the snack room whenever you want, and potential lunch rides. Some might not like office mates, but whether we like it or not, in-person socialization makes us happier humans.

Singletracks was my first remote job and after some time here, I realized that I need to see people regularly, outside of work, for my own mental health. With so many friends who also work from home, and also mountain bike, there’s no better way for me to socialize than riding regularly with other people at some point during the week.

Frequent rest stops with “how’s life” conversation starters have become a regular part of my riding routine. As with anything, there’s a balance. I average three rides a week and some weeks, every ride is with someone else. While I cherish time pedaling with great people, I also realize that some of us rarely have time and space to ourselves to sort through all of life’s ordeals. Sometimes it feels healthier to ride solo.

What’s your bet and why? Are you a lone wolf or part of the party?

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