Bike Parks: Fresno, Elk Grove, and Albuquerque

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Woodward Mountain Bike Skills Progression Park, Fresno, California

This 10-acre progression park in Fresno helped pioneer bike park building in California and across the continent. Expertly designed and constructed by Nat Lopes of Hilride, the foresight and planning that went into the park in the beginning has paid off in huge dividends by remaining relevant to riders today. The park includes a massive “40-pack of table top jumps, trials areas, north shore ladder bridges, [and a] pump track,” according to Lopes.

Photo courtesy of Nat Lopes.

Elk Grove Bike Park, Elk Grove, California

While only 2.4 acres in size, the Elk Grove Bike Park has had a big impact thanks to its three jump lines, three pump tracks, and one flow trail, serving over 11,000 riders per year. “In the short time that our bike park has been open it’s really put Elk Grove on the map in the BMX and cycling community. Riders routinely come from within a 50-mile radius to ride,” said Keith Coben of the Bike Park Crew. Be sure to bring the hamburgers and hot dogs because the jumps are located in Elk Grove’s largest regional park, complete with BBQ grills and all other types of standard park amenities.

Photo: Dan Bachman.

North Valley Bike Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Like the rest of the bike parks that have been designed and built by the venerable Nat Lopes of Hilride, North Valley Bike Park features superbly-designed features and a progressive nature that helps riders of all ability levels grow as mountain bikers. With 50-100 riders on a weekday and 200+ riders per day on the weekends, North Valley is constantly buzzing with activity. Spread across two acres are a “full progression of pump tracks, dirt jumps, flow track, and north shore ladder bridge features,” according to Lopes. The abundance of choices helps spread the visitors out and keeps everyone busy!

Photo courtesy of Nat Lopes.

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