Bike Park: Eagle Bike Park, Idaho

At over 250 acres, Eagle Bike Park is one of the largest around. Located in the town of Eagle, Idaho, a suburb of Boise, the park is packed with technical features and regular trails, the most prominent of which is the Stormin’ Mormon freeride line, measuring in at 8/10 of a mile long with about 30 table top jumps and three drops.

Photo: Dan Bachman

Other bike park features include three freeride jump lines ranging from beginner to expert, a pump track, beginner and intermediate dirt jumps, dual slalom race course, mountain cross race course, a skills park with three lines of wooden features (again, ranging from beginner to expert) a downhill race course, a BMX track, short track cross country race course, cyclocross race course, an amazing set of expert dirt jumps, and seven miles of cross country trails. Those XC trails also connect to other singletrack trails in the area, as well as to the local bike paths for excellent connectivity between all biking opportunities in Eagle.

Photo: Dan Bachman

The park has been a significant boon to the local residents of Eagle. “Before the bike park there were very few trails in the city of Eagle. We now have over 12 miles of trail that link up with the Ridge to Rivers trail system in the valley,” said Brad Nelson of the Boise Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA). “When citizens were asked to prioritize their wants from the city of Eagle in terms of parks, the overwhelming response (over 80%) was expansion and maintenance of the [bike] trail system.”

Photo: Dan Bachman.

Over the past year, the bike park in Eagle has only continued to grow. BAMBA has successfully extended the park’s lease with the City of Eagle worked with the city and ADA county to get all of the county land leased to the city so the city of Eagle can manage the entire park, has secured additional funding for the facility, “assisted the city in hiring trail coordinators to help ensure that IMBA guidelines are followed at the park,” and organized hundreds of hours of volunteer labor in the spring of 2013, according to the BAMBA website.

If you’re an aggressive mountain biker in the Boise area, or even just a kid who likes riding bikes, the future is bright with Eagle Bike Park on the scene!

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