Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort is Hosting a Reverse Enduro MTB Race this Summer


If enduro racing is fun, is a reverse enduro the opposite of fun? The folks at Arapahoe Basin going to do their best to keep things light at the Reverse Enduro MTB Race on July 31, encouraging riders to wear costumes and to hit the Brewfest afterward to keep the good times rolling.

Oh, and of course riders are rewarded with a fun descent after the race down the resort’s new DH trail, Wheels Up, though most of the descending is back down A-Basin’s steep service road.

Unlike a traditional enduro race, competitors are timed on the climb rather than the descent. There’s just one stage in this particular race, and it climbs 1,500 feet in three miles. The first half of the stage traverses the Argentine North Fork trail and finishes with 1.2 miles of dirt road above the tree line to a final elevation of 12,456 feet.

Registration costs $25 and tickets to Brewfest are available for an additional $25. Click here to register or to learn more.

What do you think: Will reverse enduro racing ever become “a thing”?

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