This post is a bit of a holiday mountain bike potpourri – enjoy!

Egg Nog Recovery Drink


Just in time for the holidays, INFINIT Nutrition has released an Egg Nog flavored sports recovery drink (seriously). From the press release, “because you’re recovering from a triathlon or 24 hours of non-stop mountain biking doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with a little holiday cheer.” When I first read the headline I honestly threw up in my mouth a little bit but the company says they were “astounded” by the number of orders they received. I’d be astounded if they got a single order so maybe that’s not too far off.

I hadn’t heard of INFINIT before but apparently they offer customizable sports drinks you can order online and the concept is similar to the cereal company, Me & Goji, we wrote about this summer. If anything, the Egg Nog idea got us talking about INFINIT so I guess it wasn’t a completely dumb idea. 🙂

MTB Magazine Back Issues Online


If you were thinking about getting a subscription to Mountain Bike magazine this year, check this out: Google Books now has 17 complete past issues online for free. The issues are from April 2006 to November 2008 so some of the stuff may be out of date but it’s still a good way to kill some time at work. As a bonus, since it’s hosted by Google you can do a text search on the magazine – no more flipping pages to find what you want. Sweet.

UPS Using Bikes for Holiday Deliveries

Singletracks member fleetwood posted this one in the forums but if you missed it, UPS is using bike-based delivery vehicles in some California neighborhoods this holiday season. The San Jose Mercury News did a pretty lengthy write-up on the concept with pics and even a video (embedded below). It’s hard to tell from the photos but it looks like the bike even has a UPS brown paint job. Cool idea, though I doubt we’ll see this anywhere but Cali anytime soon.

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  • Asfyxiate

    Thanks for that find on the Mountain Bike mag. I’ll be scanning through those for the next week or so!

  • Suvacrew

    Egg Nog recovery drink LOL….I’ll need another recovery drink after I finish booting up the Nog.

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