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Boulder Indoor Cycling is offering classes for surprisingly young mountain bikers over holiday breaks from school and teaching skills that many adult riders have yet to master. Young bikers, ages 5-10, learn how to roll over teeter-totters, logs, ramps, and skinnies, how to be safe on the trail, and how to make minor bike repairs. Over the winter holidays many of the sessions were filled to capacity with 15 young riders tearing up the indoor course.

An article I read mentioned that a 5-year-old was able to master the double black diamond course (rated from green to dbl black) and that kids as young as 18 months receive instruction at the indoor park. Many of the youngest riders are still rockin’ Strider scooter bikes but some of them are even learning to ride rocks and stairs already!

In addition to biking, the kids also spend time coloring and drawing – but instead of cuddly animals, these kids are imagining and drawing their dream bike tracks. If all of this is any indication, I think we’re going to be seeing some sick new riders hitting the scene in 10-15 years, pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible in terms of riding and course design. I just hope I’m still limber enough to get out there and ride with ’em!

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  • ChiliPepper

    Articles like these always have a place close to my heart. Too see these young kids having a heart of a lion is soooo awesome & very impressive to me. This reminds me soo much of my son when he started to ride black diamond trails here in FL when he was 5 years of age, and now he has progressed into a high flying freeriding ripper at the ripe age of 11. We are waiting to here if he may make an inspiring youth DH team in NC, but the only thing that would hold him up is us living here in stinking FL. The land that has MTB’ing, but without mountains. They want someone in the NC area, but they did say they would make an exception if needed. Anyways, thanks trek for posting this great article here on Singletracks blog. Very heartwarming and close to the heart.

  • maddslacker

    I can believe it. My daughter, less than a week after getting her training wheels off, was standing on her top tube and doing other tricks. I asked her why and she said, “Because the boys are.”

    At 6, and still on her Hotrock with 20″ wheels she rode almost all of the Hidden mesa trail, including dropping off son 16″ high ledges. Those aren’t a big deal for us, but try it on 20″wheels sometime!

    Anyway, the point is, it’s so great to watch them starting out so young and getting the feel for how to ride before the fear and over-thinking kicks in!

  • Funrover

    My Nephew went to the Boulder indoor classes. That little guy has no fear and is only 3. He can take his strider on all of the corse. Now he is working on a pedal bike. By 4 -5 years old he will pass me up!

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