In this episode, we talk about our personal pet peeves when it comes to preventable mountain bike trail damage. How do you determine if a trail is too wet to ride? Is skidding ok?

Plus, we let you in on the secret behind some of the amazing skids and sprays of brown pow you see in online MTB videos. Hint: it’s not always real and there’s a way to tell whether flying dirt is a result of pinned riding vs. lazy skidding.

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  • njTrailRider

    Great podcast, I agree that there are too many videos showing skidding, newcomers think it’s the norm, (I know I did), and anti bikers use this imagery to take away riding lands. I get responsible realistic riding is less exciting to watch, but it is a threat to our sport. Has singletracks considered not posting sooo many videos depicting damaging riding practices, I love the site, but many videos posted show “shredding”, and this will be one of the first stops for noobs looking for info on biking.

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