CatEye Lights Review


We here at Singletracks are big fans of mountain biking at night. Practically speaking, if we didn’t ride at night, we wouldn’t get nearly as many miles in. Also, riding at night is just plain fun. That’s assuming you can see what you’re doing though, as no single piece of gear will impact your enjoyment …

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Seeing in a New Light with Smith’s ChromaPop Lenses


Smith Optics recently debuted a new series of lenses, which they call ChromaPop. With these new lenses, Smith made some bold claims: Through our proprietary ChromaPop polarized lens technology, we help you see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens …

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Endura Women’s Singletrack Rain Jacket Review


The Endura Women’s Singletrack jacket is a nylon, fully seam-sealed 2.5-layer waterproof, “breathable fabric” rain jacket with under arm zipped vents, and a hood. I put the “breathable” in quotes because everyone says their rain coat is breathable, and then you end up just as wet from your own internal combustion as you’d be if you just …

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Niner’s Air 9 RDO Race Hardtail Doesn’t Make Any Compromises – A Long Term Review


Over the past year and a half, Niner has been busy… really busy! They have launched entirely new models and redesigned basically every bike in their line. One of the bikes to get a refresh is their long-standing race hardtail, the Air 9 RDO. Design and Geometry The updated Air 9 is a looker. Niner flattened the …

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The Yakima Showcase 15 Lets You Haul More Gear Without Having to Buy a Larger Vehicle


The Yakima Showcase is a new cargo box from Yakima designed to haul extra gear for your mountain bike road trips. It’s easy to install, simple to operate, and looks great too. I’ve been testing the Showcase 15 which offers 15 cubic feet of storage space. This is basically enough to fit 4 to 5 …

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A Wider Enduro Race Rim: DT Swiss EX 511 Review

DT Swiss EX 511

Besides constantly crushing the competition and securing multiple world championships, what else do Richie Rude and Aaron Gwin have in common? Well, probably a lot of behavioral patterns, training and diet regimens, skill, raw talent, genetics, and a slew of other unexplained phenomena that make a mountain biker world champion. But, besides that, they both have …

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