Almost smack dab in the middle of the country, a dedicated group of mountain bikers have been keeping a dirty little secret… that Kansas City is for real when it comes to mountain biking.

For more than two decades, they’ve been digging in the rich clay and through the limestone here to build what has become an impressive collection of trails — more than a hundred miles of singletrack just a quick drive from the city center — and even more within 45 minutes of town.

In this episode of Trail TV we take a closer look at four of the trails behindĀ  Kansas City’s singletrack explosion.


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  • John Fisch

    All true!
    This Colorado boy was mightily impressed with KC trails. Swope and Landahl are outstanding trail systems, and would be so even if they didn’t sit in the middle of the prairie. Shawnee and Blue River also have their moments. I truly hope I have the opportunity to go back. Great stuff, there!

  • Chris Seng

    Kansas City definetly holds it’s own when it comes to singletrack mountain biking, in fact it’s as good as KC BBQ.

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