Higuero Enchanted House trail in Dominican Republic. photo posted by Joaquin_Hernandez.

The Montana Mining Co. (based in Salt Lake City, UT) announced this week their intent to purchase Park Capital Management, a Canadian company working to develop a mountain bike resort in the Dominican Republic. The resort, ParkVida, has been under development for six years and is slated for completion in October 2011.

Of course plenty of snow skiing resorts have created mountain bike parks to attract summer guests but ParkVida should be more of a year-round MTB destination. With 700 acres, the resort will be “six-star quality” and promises to feature something for riders of every discipline.

Here’s what the CEO of Montana Mining had to say about the deal:

“Mountain biking has become the activity of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts yet the number of full-service facilities dedicated to this growing industry is limited.” Mr. Campbell stated, “I believe that ParkVida will attract bikers from around the world for its exotic location and mountain bike specific amenities.”

ParkVida president had this to say:

“The chance to develop what will be the greatest destination rider park in the world for an international audience of fifty million riders through a public entity is a just reward for our efforts and provides a mechanism by which riders can participate in our venture.”

If this place is half as good as these guys make it sound, you can take my reservation today. Of course one last boilerplate quote from the release may harsh our enthusiasm a bit:

These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the sufficiency of existing capital resources, uncertainties related to the development of Montana’s business plan, and its ability to secure sources of financing. The actual results that Montana may achieve could differ materially from any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.

Dang it. Guess there’s no such thing as a sure thing in MTB resort development. We’d at least like to see a “coming soon” website to get a warm fuzzy about this – it’s not hard to imagine this mining company getting an itchy shovel and finding a new use for 700 acres before October 2011. We’ll keep you posted…

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  • element22

    I find that an odd couple? Mining ….MTB about the only thing in common is they deal with dirt and the letter M as the first letter in their names….

    And well…If anything the Miners have alot of experience moving earth perhaps they can get some heavy equipment out there to really make some nice lines?

  • ericmo80

    Yeah – I’m thinking the real story is “MTB Park Developer Bails on the Dominican: Big Mining to Take the Reins…” This seems like a complete 180 – it’s no longer about preserving and celebrating the natural environment, now it’s all about exploiting it. It’s sad really.

  • Goo

    If this place has been under development for this long, I’d think there’s been significant work done on it already. I’d really like to see this succeed!


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