Photo: Greenway of Grand Forks Facebook / valleynewslive.com

Photo: Greenway of Grand Forks Facebook / valleynewslive.com

In what might be the nastiest trail booby trap yet, a thin rope full of nails was found tied across a trail, at roughly neck height, in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

According to a post on the Greenway of Grand Forks Facebook Page, “the rope has been removed and reported to the police.” The Greenway of Grand Forks goes on to note that this area is “a public space open to everyone. No one has the right or authority to close off access to any area of the Greenway without prior approval from one of the managing agencies.” Trail users have been encouraged to be aware of their surroundings while out on the trails and to travel safely.

If you see any other trail booby traps in this area or if you have any information that can help the police in their investigation, please call the Grand Forks Police at (701) 787-3000. Alternatively, if you find yourself in an emergency situation on the trails, call 911.

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  • Jeff Barber

    Wow, this is definitely a nasty booby trap! Hard to imagine who would do something like this, other than maybe a psychotic serial killer.

    Hey, at least they used orange string. Glad it wasn’t brown or clear.

  • Rebus

    Some sick bastards out there, man. I hope and pray none of those psychos move near my trails.

  • Fast n Slow

    I’d sure like to see the perpetrators in these acts cought and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • John Fisch

    In spite of recent trends, I actually am shocked by this. I’m generally not surprised by the booby traps any more, but in North Dakota? During my time in that otherwise unremarkable (aside from being very cold) state, I found the people to be remarkably warm, open, friendly and above all, sharing. I just can’t imagine a NoDak doing this.

    I’m sure the locals, even the non-riding ones, are mortified.

  • triton189

    I would wager the person responsible lives a stones throw from the trails. Always seems to be the local curmudgeon that winds up being responsible for this stuff.

  • keithslack

    This nutbag needs a good dragging with their own rope! That would cut down on these idiots doing crap like this.

  • mtb-gefrok1

    I live about an hour north of Grand Forks and was told that this was discovered to be some young kids trying to “protect” their tree fort, with no intended harm to the fellow biking community. Thankfully in this case, it was more a matter of imaginary play rather than an act of trail terrorism.

    • Jeff Barber

      I often assume (or hope?) that these trail terrorism cases are due to (young) kids doing dumb stuff. I probably did some things like this in the woods behind my house when I was a kid. Good thing I didn’t have a public mountain bike trail back there. 🙂

      However, there are potentially serious consequences involved. Hopefully by publicizing stories like this, kids (and their parents) will have a chance to talk about why this is a bad idea.

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