Ray’s Indoor MTB Park (photo courtesy RaysMTB.com)

Boulder Indoor Cycling just opened the doors to its shiny new velodrome and is putting the finishing touches on an indoor mountain bike circuit inside the facility. Boulder Indoor Cycling will join Ray’s Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland, OH as only the second indoor mountain bike facility in the US (that we know of anyway). The mountain bike circuit will lie mostly inside the velodrome track (see map below) meaning space will be tight but that won’t stop designers from adding log bridges, rockpiles, jumps and banked trails. Even though Boulder Indoor Cycling is in IMBA’s neighborhood I doubt it will be declared an IMBA Epic like Ray’s Indoor MTB Park – but ya never know.

Proposed MTB circuit layout. Blue and green courses are for beginning riders; yellow is intermediate; red is advanced.

Prices at Boulder Indoor Cycling start at just 5 bucks an hour in summer ($7 an hour in winter) and you can get a season pass (cold season or warm season) for $450. No word on when the mountain bike track will be open but the velodrome is open as we speak so if you have a track or road bike you can get a sneak preview right now!

It’s nice to see more options for mountain bikers looking to stay in shape during the winter months and a MTB specific facility is great for keeping technical skills strong while building endurance for the spring. I’ve done a little indoor mountain biking myself over the years – that is, if you count riding on an indoor trainer with slick tires on your mountain bike “indoor mountain biking.” Over the next two months we’ll be sharing our tips for winter mountain bike riding and training to keep you sane and get you in shape for spring riding. Never stop mountain biking!

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  • Mongoose

    Looks more like a playground for me than a riding park. Woo Wee, that looks so sick! I could spend all day there, even though I would prefer the dirt instead of concrete. Thanks for sharing.

  • element22

    Looks like fun….A lot more than some of the stuff up here…For some reason i see that and think hmm if i fall off it won’t hurt…Much. Not like up here in Canada. The people who usually put up shinnies tend to also have them over things that will hurt if you fall off….Wish someone up here would make one of these. Thats very nice.

  • jasonvh

    sweet, hoping to check that out this weekend, since we’re heading to Boulder! Bit confused though. It is, or is not open? location?

    more information please!

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