Backpacking in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Photo: Greg Heil

According to a post on the Sustainable Trails Coalition Facebook Page, bill HR 1349 has passed the House Natural Resources Committee with a vote of 22-18. The vote has been confirmed by Chairman McClintock’s staff person, following a close call in voting.

According to reports on the STC’s page, initially the Committee voted no, 15-19, with some members absent from the room, and several Republicans registering no votes.

Check out the video below (1hr 22min 11sec) for the final vote:

Bill HR 1349 now needs to make it to the House Floor, and then to Pass the House of Representatives–two distinct and challenging steps. We’ll continue to report on this landmark legislation as it progresses.

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  • LetsBeHonest

    The San Diego Mountain Bike Association, an IMBA chapter, has called for IMBA’s entire board of directors to resign! See https://sdmba.com/letter_to_imba_from_sdmba.php
    “As shown once again by IMBA’s recent stance on HR 1349, IMBA’s board is tone-deaf to the community and has too frequently taken controversial stances when claiming to represent mountain bike riders’ interests. Once again, SDMBA strongly calls for IMBA’s board to be replaced with elected mountain bike leaders with a strong, accomplished history of outstanding advocacy wins in favor of mountain biking. Unfortunately, the existing board has consistently failed to lead this organization as mountain bikers require.”

    • isawtman

      It is the San Diego Mountain Biking Association’s board and officers that should resign. Again, letting the Anti-Environment Republicans get their hands on our Wilderness Areas is a recipe for disaster. And, the SDMBA is doing a rotten job because 45 mountain bikers in their area had their mountain bikes confiscated by the military because those mountain bikers were riding in restricted areas. Now the SDMBA want mountain bikes in Wilderness Areas, NO THANKS

  • mongwolf

    Wow, good news from the committee. And way to go San Diego IMBA chapter.

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