From the publisher: I want to apologize to any of our readers who were offended by this article and assure you that we will more carefully consider the articles we publish going forward. While we won’t shy away from publishing controversial articles, potentially offensive or age-inappropriate material has no place on Singletracks.com. With humor pieces such as this one, there is a fine line between being funny and offensive to certain readers and in this case–based on feedback from readers, friends, and family–that line was crossed. For that, we apologize.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again we plan to get additional feedback from a diverse group of Singletracks team members before running certain types of articles. As the publisher, I take full responsibility and am accountable for making sure this doesn’t happen again.

Happy trails!


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    • delphinide

      Haha!! Five minutes later and I am still laughing at this article…lol…good job.

  • Jeff Barber

    Print any one of these on a t-shirt and it’ll sell like crazy. To guys. For their girlfriends to NEVER wear. (Unless they wear it in Vegas.)

    • Greg Heil

      Newest additions to the Singletracks store? 😉

    • cycling8r

      The people have spoken! 🙂

  • Cyndi

    Ginger albino unicorn. Funny.
    Couldn’t help but think of

    “Ticket To Ride”

    I think I’m gonna be sad
    I think it’s today, yeah
    The girl that’s driving me mad
    Is going away

    She’s got a ticket to ride
    She’s got a ticket to ride
    She’s got a ticket to ride
    But she don’t care…

    To the men dating a mtb gal, you’d better bike or she may just ride on off into the sunset.

  • John Fisch

    I may be chuckling all night. Thanks for a hysterically funny article!

    You’ve set the bar pretty high for the “5 Reasons to Date a Male Mountain Biker” follow-on!

  • fatrash

    I’m offended that someone was offended enough to have the article pulled before I could read it. FFS… Never met a mountain biker with thin skin before.

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