gore-adPost your mountain bike cable nightmares on the forums this week for a chance to win a set of bomb-proof Gore RideOn Derailleur Cables. If you’re not familiar with Gore cables, these cables are nothing like the ones that came with your bike – they’re quick, precise, low friction, and highly evolved. Read element22’s blog post about his RideOn experience and you’ll be sold!

So… what exactly qualifies as a cable nightmare? Here are just a few things we’ve seen go wrong with cables over the years:

– Snapped cables due to snags
– Cracked and loose cable housings
– Incorrectly installed cables
– Excessive cable stretch
– Frayed cables and cable ends
– Seized cables due to cable housing friction
– Inconsistent shifting and braking
– Rusted cables (seriously!)

Tell us about your cable nightmare on the forums and if we pick your story to share on the blog next week you’ll score a set of Gore cables ($65 MSRP). Nothing scary about that!

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