We’re stoked to kick off the final contest of 2010 and clearly we saved the best for last! On December 24, 2010 someone will win a Diamondback Sortie Black mountain bike frame ($1,200 MSRP) in the Diamondback Gear Review Contest. Second prize is a set of ITS System 4 tires while third place gets a sweet set of MX-3 platform pedals from Xpedo. There’s also a wild card prize that we can’t even tell you about yet – read on to see how you can win…

The main contest works like this: we’ll award points for gear reviews, new gear items, and gear videos submitted from now until December 24, 2010. We’ll tally points based on member submissions and we’ll even double the points for items from our sponsors. The contet leaderboard and all the details are here.

And in the spirit of the holidays, Santa has decided to make one lucky mountain biker’s wish come true this year. Add mountain bike gear to your singletracks wishlist between now and December 24, 2010 and if you’re the first to add the mystery wild card prize to your list, you can have it!

We’ll keep you posted on the contest over the next few weeks so stay tuned. Thanks to our contest sponsors – Diamondback, ITS, and Xpedo!

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  • Goo

    Now this, THIS is an awesome contest! Dang man, I can’t believe you’re offering this opportunity! I’m already hard at work reviewing stuff… I am so going to win this beast!

  • GoldenGoose

    I have to admit, you have out done yourself on this one. Props to Singletracks and the Sponsors for stepping up big time on this contest. Funny thing is, I’m even excited to read the new gear reviews. I really hope to hear some well thought out reviews from people who have had a nice long chance to use their gear and put it through the wringer. Four word reviews need not apply!!

  • trek7k

    Glad you guys are stoked. @GG and everyone else: definitely let us know if you find any questionable reviews and we’ll weed ’em out. We’ll be on the lookout too!

  • maddslacker

    Goo, you can have this one…since I smacked you around on the trail pic one 😀

  • Goo

    Haha that you did madd., that you did! I gotta say though, a $1200 frame is worthy of much more effort than a $120 pack!

  • Stevie_D

    I also thought this was going to be a cool contest, but after realizing what is really going on I am not even going to waste my time posting any gear reviews until the contest is over. Why you ask? Well to me its painfully obvious that people are just jamming the box. Come on….Really…one guy has close to 30 reviews in 2 days…. Some reviews say he wants this product… Some reviews appear that he is just copying text info from the manufacturer. How can you do a true review when you don’t own the product, or you haven’t borrowed it from a friend, or even tried it period… Heck he has posted some of the reviews twice. This is just one guy! How many others are doing the same thing? Hell, I could do this same crap too… But I aint gonna be DICK like some of you DICKS. And yes I did read the fine print on the rules…IE # All new products and reviews are subject to approval. Don’t waste your time writing baseless or useless reviews – we’ll remove them and you won’t get any points.
    # Only 1 review per product may be submitted. Content added prior to Nov 29, 2010 is not eligible for points in the contest.
    So Come on Singletracks…Let see if you are really paying attention or are you just going to let the Cheaters win.

  • extremo

    god damn it,I wrote all my reviews on the stuff I own like last week :P!!I agree with stevie though,damn trolls!!

  • Goo

    Yeah, like how about this one on the Diamondback Mission 4 (which is worth double points):
    “Pros Awesome component spec.
    Heavy duty trail weapon.
    Lift park worthy
    Cons Long stem.
    Would like DHX air shock and dropper seatpost.
    Verdict Diamondback has some good bikes.”

    Verdict: Diamondback has some good bikes? Seriously?

  • Goo

    Or how about this one on the Trek Fuel Ex 8:

    reviewed by simplyclimb on November 30, 2010

    Pros Price
    Cons Weight
    Verdict Good deal for the money.

  • trek7k

    Not to worry, we’re a little overwhelmed by all the new content right now but we’ll get things cleaned up. Remember, there’s still 3 weeks left in the contest!

  • Stevie_D

    Thanks Trek 7K. Sorry to go off like that but it really gets me going when you see people obviously cheating to win stuff. I know you guys at ST will do all you can to weed the bad reviews out. And to Goo, you made me laugh with the review you found on the Trek Fuel EX8…. I own the EX8 myself… I could write a book on this bike, but now I know that my review could have been only 3 words…..
    Pros: Bitchin’
    Cons: Bitchin’
    Verdict: Bitchin’

  • konacoiler

    Hey, the Mission 4 is a wicked bike. I’ve been lusting over that one for a long time. Anyways… I did review only products I own. I didn’t go through the whole bike list starting at A like some idiot. One guy has all of the Airborne bikes reviewed. I bet he doesn’t own a single airborne bike.

  • Goo

    Haha pwned dude, I own 2, have ridden all of them, and am an officially sponsored test rider.

    Thanks maddslacker for having my back on that one!

  • joetutt

    Man, nice gig Goo, how do you become an official sponsored rider?

  • Goo


    Well ok sponsored racer I am not, sponsored BLOGGER would be more accurate. I’m a member of the Airborne Flight Crew, and we get to ride & review Airborne products for free and generally rep the brand. To begin with, we all got flown out to Sea Otter in April, and since then we’ve received 2 free bikes each. It’s a sweet gig! Also, we provide feedback directly to the guys making the products, and we’ve been able to have an integral role in the development of several of the new bikes coming out next year.

    You can find more info on the Airborne Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Airborne.bikes

    PS there may be a couple spots opening up on the flight crew early next year, keep an eye on the FB page, and shoot out an application if/when a spot opens up!

  • dubinjs

    Im seeing the same crap going on here. Ebrything I have reviewed I either own or have used before. Some if these reviews are rediculous and are wasting peoples time who really are interested in an honest opinion on these items. Don’t fool people with your BS reviews just to win a prize people.
    Question also….and if im wrong im sorry, but how is it that joetutt is leading with almost 300 points but it only shows he has written 9 reviews under his member contributions since this started?

  • trek7k

    Thanks dubinjs. We haven’t had a chance to moderate all the reviews yet but rest assured we will do so before the contest ends.

    Some members have figured out that the way to win this contest is to add new products and video links from YouTube – please see the contest page for details about how points are awarded.

  • extremo

    what year is the shock on this bike?I know it’s an RP23 ,I just want to know it’s got the kashima coating or not 🙂

  • trek7k

    @extremo, the shock is a Fox Float RP23 XV with Boost Valve. As far as we know, Fox is only offering Kashima coating on 2011 forks (not shocks yet).

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