Summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere, but many of us will continue to sweat. Smart riders pack multiple pairs of dry gloves for particularly long and humid rides, but gross, funky gloves are pretty much unavoidable. We all (hopefully) wash our socks after every ride, but not everyone is so diligent about their gloves.

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  • ZipHead

    I have 4 or 5 pairs, so I just change up and throw them all in the wash together.
    A lot of my riding is an hour and a half in the woods after work, or at the skills park up the road so on short rides my hands don’t sweat.

    • williedillon

      That’s crazy. I’m still on a pair of gloves that I’ve had for 4 years.

  • vapidoscar

    Don’t wear them in the summer; don’t have to wash them. But when cold was after each ride. Nothing worse than the weird salt line that forms if you don’t wash.

  • Guy Mann

    I spray odo-ban on mine after every ride to sanatize and de-odorize them.

  • renehlarue

    I wash them every ride along with my shorts, chamois, socks and T-shirt… So they can always smell good and feel clean… Same thing with my bike (a good wash after every ride)…

  • Mitch Bird

    Every other ride normally.. if you wait too long, the funk isnt coming out

  • jaredmente

    I don’t even wash my socks after every ride, let alone my gloves! Ha ha!!

  • Scrappper

    When I ride in the rain… 🙂

    I wear a fingerless pair. I washed them last fall after I crashed hard and they were full of mud. I didn’t ride again for almost three months, and then I was wearing winter gloves.
    I have not ridden much this year as my shoulder still is giving me trouble from the crash.

    I was quite happy to be wearing gloves when I crashed. Landed left hand first and slid in the wet grass.

  • Podiumcrasher

    I use to wash the gloves after every other ride. Now I stick them and the sidi’s on one of those ski boot /glove dryers after every ride. Wash them when i run out of clean shorts and jerseys.

    I highly recommend the ski boot/glove dryer method. Gloves stay fresh longer and shoes don’t smell.

  • charding

    I rinse my gloves (and knee pads) in water and wring them out after pretty much every ride and will throw them in the wash every week or two with all my riding gear.

    General note about gear…I won’t do a wash of everything after every ride, but when I get home, I hang all my sweaty gear and clothing to dry and it definitely helps keep it all in good condition. I know some guys who just leave it all in a ball until they get around to doing the laundry and they have to replace stuff pretty frequently because the stink gets unwashable and unbearable.

    • charding

      I should clarify the above and say that I hang my stuff to dry before throwing it in the laundry. I don’t wear it for another ride. I have five or six pairs of shorts and jerseys, so can go for a few rides before I have to do a wash of everything.

  • m.krupp

    Funny to come across this survey. Just a few weeks ago one of the guys I ride with asked me in front of our whole group how often I wash my gloves. I was almost embarrassed to say i hadn’t up to that point. Yes they get sweaty but never noticed a smell or any crunchiness. Some of that may be I ride in wet conditions sometimes and I feel that dew or rain does a pretty good rinse. Although after the conversation the next week i threw my gloves in the wash and even dunked my helmet in a bucket of soapy water. Came back to my group laughing and telling them how that question had haunted me and I washed both gloves and helmet (even though the helmet was not part of the conversation).

  • timhovey

    What is this “wash” you speak of?

    Does getting them wet in the rain count? LOL

  • CowdreyC

    Only time I wear gloves is in the winter when its cold. Much better grip and control without gloves.

    • Oldandrolling

      I agree. If you have good grips, you don’t need gloves other than for crash protection.

    • Jeff Barber

      My hands get too sweaty to get a good grip on anything without gloves. Or have you found a set of grips that works well, even with wet hands (from sweat or rain)?

    • CowdreyC

      I use the Renthal super tacky. If your going fast enough and just barely holding on to the bars (not squeezing the grips) then your hands dont get sweaty.

  • Ken Harris

    Depends on the season! I sweat like a horse so pretty much it goes like this:
    Late spring to early fall, my gloves are dripping after every ride – even if I change them mid-ride – so they get washed every ride.
    Late fall to early spring, not so much sweat so maybe once a month, but sometimes as little as once in the season.

    It all depends on how wet they get, how fresh they feel and smell. 🙂

  • Hap Proctor

    Started washing mine after every ride this summer. Hang on a metal chair on the back deck and they’re dry in 10 minutes.

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