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  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124120
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    Fought the winds here in Moab too… 35mph, with gusts up to 44 according to weather.com, but it felt way windier on the trails than in the town of Moab. While the head wind was brutal, the tailwind was awesome!

    Forecast for today – winds up to 85mph… should make todays ride… interesting…

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124115

    What an amazing day to ride… the weather was lovely, a nice 77(ish) degrees, but when you reached the tops, there was a nice breeze. A couple of pics from Aliso in Laguna Beach, CA – [url:2o3l691g]http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/aliso-creek-woods-canyon.html[/url:2o3l691g]

    Part of the rock garden on Rock-it trail –


    and one of the (year round) stream crossings on Wood Canyon trail –


    Only 2 more days to go…


    And another pic… bottom of 5 Oaks trail


  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124090

    Testing, testing…

    Test pic from todays ride…


    "jeff" wrote

    I know everyone probably has their preferred method for sharing photos via the forums but here’s a pro tip for those who might find this useful.

    You can upload all your photos to Singletracks using this form:


    Once your photo is uploaded (you can select multiple photos too), click the "share" button to grab the forum code. Copy and paste into the forum post form and you’re done!

    Uploading your photos to Singletracks (instead of photobucket or other solutions) also allows folks to comment on individual photos, add ratings, and you can even specify the trail or the exact location the photo was taken.

    Ok, back to #30daysofbiking. I’m loving all these pics!

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124088

    Funrover by name, funrover by nature apparently! 😉

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124074

    Day 15, Ride 15, half way there…

    Todays ride –




  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124070
    "skibum" wrote

    Morning commute wasn’t the greatest.

    Although less than one mile out of the five is on pavement, I managed to screw it up. Traffic was starting to crowd me a bit, so I swerved right next to the curb–just as I approached a sewer grate. It looked solid enough to ride, but looks can be deceiving. Next thing I know, I’m body slammed into the asphalt at 25mph.

    The bike took it well. Handlebars got about 30 degrees askew, easy fix. Front wheel’s gonna’ need trued, but I can do that when I get home.

    However, the impact busted my cyclocomputer, took out one elbow from my shirt, and absolutely destroyed the only both comfortable and warm pair of cold-weather riding gloves I’ve ever owned.

    I also did significant violence to my left elbow and right knee. Hungry coyotes are following the trail of blood all the way to my office.

    Good timing, too. Hope some of this heals before my first race, this Saturday 😕

    Heal up quick

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124059
    "Funrover" wrote

    my shoes froze to the pedals a one point


    One word. Dedication

    Nice going…

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124056
    "Funrover" wrote

    Here is today for me.
    Day 11: Green Mountain baby!!! Gotta love it there for all the fun and quick trails. Was a beautiful eve for some miles. .Box o’ rocks is always a fun way down! Truly a wonderful evening!
    This will be a pic heavy post!

    Some great pics there! Enjoying seeing everybodys pics

    Ride 12, day 12, getting close to halfway now… Here’s a pic from todays ride – "Slow n Easy" @ Laguna Beach, the ocean barely visible under the fog/cloud cover…


  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124025

    Some "proper" mountain biking today… Downhill single track – Motorway (AKA Silverado Trail) in the Santa Ana mountains. Nice & warm in the low 80s with a breeze at the top to cool…


  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124015
    "Funrover" wrote

    Day 4: Waterton Canyon, The Colorado Trail was fun and snowy while the road was good to go!

    Looks like a very nice place to ride!

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #124007

    My view of the ocean on todays ride…


    …bit chilly at 61F though

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #123964
    "Irongrave" wrote

    Got a week to go before the start of the Challenge. Who’s ready? I know I’m not

    That makes two of us! Really hoping the weather gets a little better!

  • in reply to: #30daysofbiking Challenge #123951


    Time to kick some serious arse


  • in reply to: Why I Uninstalled Strava #123748

    I didn’t realize quite how easy it was to get sucked in by strava until yesterday.
    I’ve been using mapmyride for about 18 months on my phone, basically to record how many miles I’ve done. After many years off my bike I ride to (try to) shed some fat and for fun.
    A few months ago I installed strava. I sometimes go through periods of downloading apps, sometimes they sit there doing nothing before I delete them, sometimes I try them out. I’ve recently been running strava and mapmyride concurrently on rides (and noticed that there are some discrepancies in their reporting, in both distance and calories…)

    So yesterday I was actually looking closely at the results of the days ride. There are 3 parks very close to me that I can combine and easily manage 15 miles of single/dirt track and fireroad. I actually felt I did "fairly well", I seemed to have some energy and felt I was riding a little faster. Both apps confirmed, on average, I rode 1 mph faster than I usually do.
    I won’t call it a "hill", but there is a "slight incline" that usually has me breathing a little heavier by the time I reach the top. But yesterday I seemed to "fly" up it. According to strava, I’m 8th and set a PR! I recognized the name of the guy who was 1st. I don’t know him, but I do know of him, I’ve seen him post on other forums and local FB MTB groups. He’s a slim, athletic guy, who also rides in some of the local races. He was only 16 seconds faster than me.
    I thought I did well yesterday, even before I checked strava. But hey, this guy is (obviously) fitter than me, but you know what? I bet I could shave a second, maybe two, off my time and get closer to his.
    Looking around, I noticed another segment, a piece of single track, that I love the start of, but then turns into a long sandpit… I still ride it anyway… But then I saw it! Holy crap! I’m one second faster than that guy! I’m 5th! And he’s 6th! I’m gonna have to work harder if I don’t want him to overtake me on that segment!

    Then it hit me. My next ride was going to be a race. Against the clock, if not actually against anybody else in person.
    Thats not why I ride. I stood on the brink. I looked deep into a yawning chasm. But I was able to step back. But for how long? I’m riding there again tomorrow…

  • in reply to: 2014 Goals #123199
    "Eric Foltz" wrote

    Some of you may have seen me on the STRAVA club page and may be familiar with the name.

    …and, of course, socaltrailriders as well 😉

  • "maddslacker" wrote

    The same way that Apple can defend their patent on the rectangle.

    Apple aren’t defending a "rectangle"


    I suppose if you designed a device, patented it, but didn’t have the means to build it, and you went to someone who did, and they ripped every detail off, so even their own lawyers IN COURT couldn’t tell which was their clients phone – you’d be happy, right? Yeah, cause you would…

  • in reply to: Share Your Latest Badge #118516

    I didn’t get one… but then again, it was 80 degrees when I rode yesterday…

    "Jared13" wrote

    Rode some local trails today and I was surprised when I earned a new badge.

    Did anyone else get surprised by the Polar Bear Badge today?

    The funniest part was today was kind of nice. It was a good 20 degrees warmer than my "night" ride last Wednesday. (The sun goes down around 4:30 here and the temp just [i:280ojumz]drops[/i:280ojumz].)

  • "schwim" wrote

    Once there were some hikers clogging up the singletrack I was blasting down but because I was running Strava, I just yelled "Strava! Coming through bitches!" and ran them over.

    I half laughed at this… I did actually hear a roadie some shout "strava" earlier this year as he tore down a footpath, usually frequented by people out walking… 😏

  • in reply to: Help with first MTB build #122218

    Depending where you are in So Cal, it might be worth your time keeping an eye on the "clearance room" at the Path Bike shop in Tustin. Plus they seem to have a sale every other weekend (well, almost!), where at a minimum, they knock off the sales tax

  • in reply to: Georgia anti-bike bill (HB 689) #122193

    Wow. Just wow.

    I see on http://www.georgiabikes.org, they say –

    We won a three foot passing bill in 2011
    We defeated a single-file riding bill in 2012
    We won a statewide Complete Streets policy

    Hopefully HB689 will be defeated as well…

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