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    I was flying down a fire road at NorthStar resort. Bikes in front of me were kicking up a bunch of dust so it was hard to see. Right under the chair lift, I hit a rock and endo’d supremely! I must have flown 20 feet! Of course I got an ovation from everyone on the lift watching my dumb ass fly over the bars!

    "revans1961" wrote

    I was trying to beat my best time on a really simple trail.

    Sometimes it’s the simole ones. One of my worst came on a dead flat straight trail when I caught a bat on a little tree going to fast. Is the re e a good way to handle narrow tree gaps? 😕


    I had a pretty funny one last weekend…in my backyard riding this:


    I came in a little too hot, front wheel missed completely, rear wheel hit the skinny…I smashed into the ground sideways. The neighbor kid laughed loud enough for me to hear and he was about a block away. 😆


    I was riding a short trail that ends with a stream crossing about 15 feet wide. Right next to the stream crossing is a picnic site where there are usually folks enjoying the area. I was riding pretty well and thought I’d try a different route across the stream than usual. I managed to make it half way across the stream before catching my front wheel on a submerged rock and going down pretty spectacularly. I couldn’t get my feet unclipped from my pedals and laid there thrashing about in the water trying to get free. When I finally was able to get up and drag myself out of the stream I noticed a family right there having a picnic and probably wondering what the heck I was thinking. They asked if I was alright and tried to suppress their laughter as I staggered out of the stream all soaking wet and bloody. I assured them I was just fine and tried to ride away with at least a tiny portion of my dignity intact. Once I got out of sight of the picnickers and the adrenaline wore off I realized how hard I had crashed and how bad it really did hurt. Luckily I hadn’t broken anything other than my pride so I limped home and licked my wounds. It must have been quite a sight, I’m sure that family probably tells the story of this knucklehead biker crashing and burning in the stream often to the great amusement of their friends. 😆


    the little wiskey chugging guy on my shoulder got me again today was flying on trail today had about 20 min then had to go to field trip for my 3 year old anyway went over a nice little jump and of course had to land on the only ice left needless to say bike went out from under me so Iwent to the field trip with a bleeding arm from the crash does the guy telling you to be mello ever win?


    I preloaded my rear shock a bit too much last March. I ended up going over the handle bars and supermaning through the air. Broke both bones in my left forearm, it was a fun day though =].

    "Schell21" wrote

    I preloaded my rear shock a bit too much last March. I ended up going over the handle bars and supermaning through the air. Broke both bones in my left forearm, it was a fun day though =].

    Ouch! I did that on a new FS bike. Nailed my knee though, cut right down to the knee cap!


    Don’t you hate the stupid stuff? This isn’t some big wreck over boulders on a double black diamond trail. No, this was a flat "easy loop" trail that connects back to the parking lot. Yep, this past Saturday, after 10 miles of intermediate and advanced trails, I was heading back to the truck and wham! I hit a small tree stump that was hiding in the leaves off to one side. I never even saw it. My bike stopped dead in a millisecond. My handlebars twisted to the left, jabbing the end of the handlebar into my left inner arm, making a huge bruise. That happened as I was falling on top of the bike in a big clump. The bruise looks worse than it feels, so everybody thinks I had some bad wreck. Nope.

    Have fun!


    I haven’t had a good one yet, but last weekend we were doing an advanced trail "advanced for the area I guess….is said very difficult on it lol" Kendra my wife was going a little to fast around a corner, pedal jumped a root and flew over the handlebars ….while I was waiting for her at the end of the trail …. I guess she pretty much did a superman over the bars and slid about 6-7 feet lol. She pulled up covered in dirt and leaves a few minutes later laughing. Glad I know she is extremely tuff getting into this sport 😀


    Not sure what’s my best. Seems, either you have a great crash and don’t get hurt or a pathetic incident where you do…
    1. Was riding a very hilly trail which is fast and coming up to a short 3 foot long wood bridge, I was floating a bit and my front tire caught, something (I have no idea to this day what) and I went flipping over the handle bars to my left, with bike in hand (so front flip?) and began to slide downhill in all of the tall "fall" grass and weeds. When I came to a stop I was so mad because I still had no idea what I hit and began yelling "Why!?" over and over. Within seconds I got up, picked up my bike, and headed to the truck dead mad like I was dragging a brat out of Wal-Mart. As I ventured back to the truck, there were some spectators. 😆
    2. I was on another trail booking down a little bit before it got serious and decided to remove my left hand to scratch my face (which I have done several times before) and a few feet later I hit a root and went over and sideways to the right. So I got up and was going to keep going until I noticed red all down my left leg. One of the spikes on the pedal tore a gash just under my knee cap pretty deep. I had to hike it stiff-legged a mile and a half to my truck, then drove to get stitches. 😎

    Is what it is.


    I made a complete ass out of myself yesterday on this particular short, steep downhill portion of trail at Fountainhead:

    The picture is looking up the hill I was coming down. This is one of those sections of trail that is so technical it makes you think “WTF were these people thinking when they built it?” There’s no fast way down this hill without killing yourself, you have to pick and choose a slow line down it. There are water bars toward the end with ramps to roll down (seen in the pic) but the ramps are blind…when you’re coming down it just looks like a 3 foot drop in front of you and you can’t launch it with speed because there’s another one immediately following.

    I get to the first water bar, rear end sliding a lil bit to slow me down and I slide off the left side of the trail and slowly fall on my side because I psyched myself out. The thing you can’t really see in the pic is the 10-15 foot steep embankment I was really close to falling down lol.


    I was riding my local trail, 3.4 miles and covered with roots, and I was trying to beat my past time so I guess I was moving pretty fast. I came out of a short downhill section and into a turn where it forked off and pretty much punched a tree. That tree made me lose control a bit and well its little tree buddy clothes-lined me. I swear it was planned.


    Going to keep it short and sweet.

    Was on a solo ride, after making the summit start descending on a loose gravel rocky section of the trail before getting into some sweet technical single track. The descend had a rut on the left side full of rocks and I told my self that if someone fell there it was going to hurt. Guess what? Almost intermediately my front wheel slips and changes my direction to the left and I find myself inside the rut trying to survive the rocks.

    Felt like loosing control and all of a sudden I tell my self "This is going to hurt", went OTB and landed shoulder first on my right side. Hit my head and elbow in the process, net result, a nice gash and hole in the area between the forearm and elbow. After a bit on the ground, collected my self, assessed the damage, finished the loop and went home.

    The funny thing is that after the ordeal went for a round of golf, the starter the guy noticed my freshly wounded arm and thought that I had fallen in the parking lot, he offered a wet towel and asked it I needed assistance, with a smile I explained what happened and we both had a laugh.

    Good times!


    Somehow stumbled on this old thread and thought I’d try to revive it since these are some funny stories.

    My best crash was at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. After about two hours of successful jumps, slaloms and huck’s, my wife and I decided to head out. Turned my head around on the gravel path back to the parking lot to make sure she was still behind me. Caught a rock with my front tire and supermanned into the dirt. Not a single crash riding above my skill level all morning, 8 stitches in my chin and a mummy’s worth of gauze on my arm from a gravel path.


    Yesturday I installed my race face chester pedals for the first time on my bike (I used them a week prior in a Santa Cruz demo event in MA). I knew they gripped super well…too well. Anyways, I was riding yesturday at Case Mountain in CT. I went down a pretty decent sized roller. On the other side was a bunny hop. I hit the bunny hop but came down with the handlebars slightly turned and my feet shifted upwards (rookie mistake). I crashed sideways. The worst part wasn’t the crash itself, but when I fell down, the back of my leg snagged onto the pins in my pedals. Ripped my leg open. Those pins are sharp on the chester pedals.


    I’m pretty new to mtbing, but I’ve been a roadie and a graveller for 15 years. For some reason, one of the best local mtbers has sort of taken me under his wing, which has pluses and minuses. The pluses are that I’ve learned a lot. The minuses are that I’ve crashed a lot. But I wasn’t crashing on the ride in question, back in May. I was riding pretty well. I hit a stream crossing pretty fast, one that had scared me before, and cleaned it fine. Stopping on the other side, I put a foot down, but missed the top of the stream bank where I was aiming for. That led me to fall into the stream, and I put my right hand out to catch myself, breaking one of the carpal bones in my hand and earning me two months off the mtb. I still remember laying in the stream thinking, “The water isn’t as cold as I expected.”


    Jammin’ on my first full suspension disc brake mountain bike I noticed a stick across the trail with my 52 year old eyes and not wearing prescription glasses when that stick suddenly was recognized as a rattlesnaaaake! Well slammed those brakes and launched myself right over that snake. The bike stopped 2″ in front of it but I did a superman and flew right over and passed it, then kept rolling away, in the dirt and weeds. If snakes could laugh!


    Cruising down the TR express trail at Tanasi trail system on my friends Konah Cinder Cone. Of course I’m a newbie not even having my own bike at the time and my friend puts me on a pretty wild downhill section rated “difficult” on the trail map. So I keep getting told to not ride the brakes…like DUDE if i don’t ride the brakes I’m hitting one of these trees!!! well i took his advice anyways after a downhill section I come up on a decent sized hump that lead into a corner. Im going just a little to fast to stay on the trail and get about 6 inches off the ground and I’m supposed to be on the brakes for this corner…well I was on the brakes but they didn’t work until the tires made contact with the earth. Launching me over the handlebars, sending the bike flipping and me (also flipping) off the side of the mountain… luckily i was caught about 10 feet down the mountain by a couple of trees. So i crawled back up the side of the mountain and just laid there for a few seconds to let the pain die down, got back on my friends bike, we laughed it off and kept going. Been hooked ever since!


    still not sure what happened here, but this was mine.


    I was out on a logging road with my 8 year old son showing him some basic riding skills on descending hills. I was coming down about 15% grade at a reasonable speed when I hit a hole about a foot deep and locked up the front wheel. I  went OTB, did a few somersaults. landed on my feet with a separated shoulder. Got back on and we rode home. During the ride home my son asked me where I learned that trick.

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