How do you "accidentally" drive a car on a MTB trail?

Forums Mountain Bike Forum How do you "accidentally" drive a car on a MTB trail?


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    Spent 8 years as a park ranger and dealt with the issue of people driving on the trails numerous times. In my experience, for all of the fine people we have in society, there is also a whole lot of stupid.

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    It’s a SUV/Crossover, it’s in it element offroad *sarcasm*

    Some people just need to learn the hard way I guess.

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    Maybe her bike was in the shop and she just couldn’t wait for some singletrack bliss

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    HA!…..I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Even here in Central New York we have roads that devolve to seasonal roads which further devolve to “Jeep trails”….and yes, people do have houses/cabins on these “roads.”  I suspect Iowa (the location of the story) has quite a bit more of these same types of “roads”.

    Perhaps she was going to visit her long lost country cousin and got confused?

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    1.  Alcohol was a factor . . . (my firt assumption when I hear about things like this).
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    Apparently she told the park ranger she thought it was ok because it was “pedal assist”.  ????

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    ‘I suspect Iowa (the location of the story) has quite a bit more of these same types of “roads”.

    Rural Iowa roads generally aren’t tree lined; they’re lined with corn.

    I too suspect alcohol as this is a state that doesn’t get respect when it comes to beer consumption.


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    Too funny.  But I have to admit, I once wound up on a trail near Red River NM that became tighter and tighter, with little room to keep tires from dropping over a very deep ledge, and no room for error between trees.  We spend a lot of time teetering on 3 wheels while negotiating rock ledges and deep culverts.  Albeit fun, it was along and slow 3 hours or so, with no option for turning around.  Turns out I wound up on an ATV trail in my full size Tahoe Z71.  Felt a little silly about it (blamed a poorly labeled map 🙂 , but at least I got some good use out of the Tahoe’s lift kit and slightly over-sized All Terrains.

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    Oh, how I wish I was there to watch the whole event unfold. =)

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    IOWA = Idiots Out Wandering Alone

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      IOWA = Idiots Out Wandering Alone

      LOL! That’s the first time I’ve heard it with “Alone,” it’s usually Idiots Out Wandering Around. Although, both would work in this case.

      Regarding the story, I don’t know exactly where she entered the trail, but IIRC, it’s pretty obvious which ones are roads and which are trails. I grew up about 30 minutes away from there and the trails are pretty decent!

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    IOWA = Idiots Out Wandering Alone

    OUCH!…man, that’s just harsh!

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      That one made me laugh out loud 🙂

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    Let me tell you about Al, you might know him, Al K Hol. He has a way of convincing people to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do. He has a way of boosting confidence by saying things such as “no really, you are KILLING it on the dance floor” or “see that beautiful girl? She TOTALLY wants you to ask her out!” or “You can do (insert some physical feat here), easy”.  Al should never be invited to ride with you in your car.


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