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    Does anyone use one (other than for downhill)? Any thoughts on them?

    I never gave them any thought, but 4 weeks ago I was taking a turn on loose dirt, lost my traction and the bike went out from under me. I landed on my chest with my elbow between my ribcage and the ground. I don’t know whether I bruised or broke a rib, but it hurt like hell for a couple weeks and has been sore since. I took a couple days off the bike at the time and then realized that I was perfectly fine when riding – didn’t even feel it – and as long as I didn’t push too hard, I was a little sore, but okay after. I was continuing to heal and up until this past weekend, had gotten back to my 3-4 ride per week schedule. I didn’t change anything because the way I had landed was really a freak thing for me – never happened before.

    Well, lightning can strike twice. I went over the handlebars this past weekend and landed the exact same way on the exact same rib and WOW! It’s been a long time since I felt that much pain. After sitting on the ground for 5 or 10 minutes to catch my breath, I continued riding for another 10 or 11 miles and rode again the next day for over 11. The following morning, I could barely move and I haven’t been on my bike since Sunday. It’s been a miserable week. I feel better physically, but I’m still a little sore. For my mental health’s sake, I can’t stay off the bike much longer, so now I’m thinking about a chest protector to use at least until I fully heal. It’s either that or take my chances…which obviously didn’t work out so well the first time.

    Do you or have you ever used a chest protector for a regular trail ride? Any suggestions on what to get? I don’t want to break the bank, because I only intend to wear it until I’m healed.


    No to the chest protector. The last thing I want to do is where more stuff while riding. It’s one of the pleasures vs riding an actual dirt bike. I also don’t need anything that’s going to add more weight or heat. You probably have bruised or maybe even fractured rib(s).


    The last thing I want to do is where more stuff while riding.

    Yeah, I agree that the thought of wearing more gear is definitely not appealing, but the last things I want to do are not ride and hurt myself worse (which would lead to even more not riding).


    I’ve never worn one but I’ve heard good things about the Troy Lee protective vest:


    There s all different types. I like and often wear an “armored” shirt. Bought from motocross retailers anywhere from 80 to 400 dollars. They come in many different variations. I have one with shoulder elbow back and chest protection.  Yes it is hotter, but not terrible. Fall once with it on, and you ll wear them forever.



    Timely post.  I never wear any protection except for a helmet.  I guess I might regret it sooner or later.  But I had a close friend go down hard on the last technical downhill turn of a ride last weekend.  He and the bike went bouncing down the trail (high bounces).  He got pretty banged up and fractured a rib.


    …bouncing down the trail (high bounces).

    Ouch!  I cringe just thinking about it.


    Cracked rib is bad. Painful and take weeks to heal; writing from experience. But a fully broken rib can puncture something deadly. So I stayed off my bike for weeks until healed.


    I landed on my rib again this past weekend. Not as badly as the first two times. Still no chest protector. lol

    As for…

     I stayed off my bike for weeks until healed.

    That is the voice of wisdom, for sure. That’s also a voice I’ve often ignored. haha


    I would recommend G Forme shirt . I own one of those and it does a pretty good job.


    I’ve finally decided to heed the voice of wisdom after all. I’m going to stay off technical singletrack for at least a few weeks and get my miles in on rail trails, gravel and dirt roads and a Peloton stationary bike. I really want to go to Kingdom Trails this fall before their season ends and was planning to do it in September, but I don’t want to go there injured. I’m hoping I can heal enough by early-to-mid October to make it happen. I guess it’s really not that big of a deal to stay off trail for a while, but the timing is rough considering September is the best month to ride in the northeast.

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