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      Does anyone use one (other than for downhill)? Any thoughts on them?

      I never gave them any thought, but 4 weeks ago I was taking a turn on loose dirt, lost my traction and the bike went out from under me. I landed on my chest with my elbow between my ribcage and the ground. I don’t know whether I bruised or broke a rib, but it hurt like hell for a couple weeks and has been sore since. I took a couple days off the bike at the time and then realized that I was perfectly fine when riding – didn’t even feel it – and as long as I didn’t push too hard, I was a little sore, but okay after. I was continuing to heal and up until this past weekend, had gotten back to my 3-4 ride per week schedule. I didn’t change anything because the way I had landed was really a freak thing for me – never happened before.

      Well, lightning can strike twice. I went over the handlebars this past weekend and landed the exact same way on the exact same rib and WOW! It’s been a long time since I felt that much pain. After sitting on the ground for 5 or 10 minutes to catch my breath, I continued riding for another 10 or 11 miles and rode again the next day for over 11. The following morning, I could barely move and I haven’t been on my bike since Sunday. It’s been a miserable week. I feel better physically, but I’m still a little sore. For my mental health’s sake, I can’t stay off the bike much longer, so now I’m thinking about a chest protector to use at least until I fully heal. It’s either that or take my chances…which obviously didn’t work out so well the first time.

      Do you or have you ever used a chest protector for a regular trail ride? Any suggestions on what to get? I don’t want to break the bank, because I only intend to wear it until I’m healed.

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      No to the chest protector. The last thing I want to do is where more stuff while riding. It’s one of the pleasures vs riding an actual dirt bike. I also don’t need anything that’s going to add more weight or heat. You probably have bruised or maybe even fractured rib(s).

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      The last thing I want to do is where more stuff while riding.

      Yeah, I agree that the thought of wearing more gear is definitely not appealing, but the last things I want to do are not ride and hurt myself worse (which would lead to even more not riding).

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      I’ve never worn one but I’ve heard good things about the Troy Lee protective vest:

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      There s all different types. I like and often wear an “armored” shirt. Bought from motocross retailers anywhere from 80 to 400 dollars. They come in many different variations. I have one with shoulder elbow back and chest protection.  Yes it is hotter, but not terrible. Fall once with it on, and you ll wear them forever.


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      Timely post.  I never wear any protection except for a helmet.  I guess I might regret it sooner or later.  But I had a close friend go down hard on the last technical downhill turn of a ride last weekend.  He and the bike went bouncing down the trail (high bounces).  He got pretty banged up and fractured a rib.

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      …bouncing down the trail (high bounces).

      Ouch!  I cringe just thinking about it.

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      Cracked rib is bad. Painful and take weeks to heal; writing from experience. But a fully broken rib can puncture something deadly. So I stayed off my bike for weeks until healed.

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      I landed on my rib again this past weekend. Not as badly as the first two times. Still no chest protector. lol

      As for…

       I stayed off my bike for weeks until healed.

      That is the voice of wisdom, for sure. That’s also a voice I’ve often ignored. haha

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      I would recommend G Forme shirt . I own one of those and it does a pretty good job.

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      I’ve finally decided to heed the voice of wisdom after all. I’m going to stay off technical singletrack for at least a few weeks and get my miles in on rail trails, gravel and dirt roads and a Peloton stationary bike. I really want to go to Kingdom Trails this fall before their season ends and was planning to do it in September, but I don’t want to go there injured. I’m hoping I can heal enough by early-to-mid October to make it happen. I guess it’s really not that big of a deal to stay off trail for a while, but the timing is rough considering September is the best month to ride in the northeast.

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