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    Has anyone ever been really lucky finding a used mountain bike, either for sale online or at a garage sale or thrift store, that ended up being a huge bargain?

    Several years ago a guy bought Floyd Landis’s mountain bike at a yard sale for $5, not knowing it was worth thousands. My best find was a barely used Strider for $5 at a thrift store; it would’ve sold for $75 on eBay. Not quite as impressive. 🙂

    Man Buys $8,000 Mountain Bike Once Owned by Floyd Landis – For $5

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    I had a cousin try to sell me a specialized epic for $100..  needless to say I was skeptical of the bikes legitimacy and did not bite. Sometimes I think about it but my morals are still in tact lol.

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    Yeah, you have to be skeptical when a mountain bike deal seems too good to be true.

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    I have never come up with any real steals or huge bargains, but I have come up with a few quality used bikes on Craigslist for our family.  I have bought four high end used all-mountain bikes for the price of one new.  It’s been a great way to get our family into mountain biking.  I enjoy reading up on bikes, components, geometry and technology and then make a wish list of potential preferred bikes.  Then it’s fun to take the time to watch listings and find a bike or two I am really interested in.  I got my current bike, a Mojo HD, this way for a good price.  And now the market is so full of quality new bikes that in a couple years there should be a whole bunch of excellent used bikes available.

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    My current bike, a 2015 XL 27.5 inch Specialized Enduro I got used for quite a deal. The bike has an upgraded RaceFace cockpit, chain guide, and it has an upgraded rear shock: a Fox Factory Float x2 2016 model year. It is less than 8 month old, the wheels are true, and everything works correctly and as expected. The frame has the usual paint nicks and scraps, but the frame integrity is totally unaffected. The guy I bought it from (off of Pinkbike) even had the bike tuned before selling it to me. Total price: 1350 USD. Add fifty dollars for shipping and that was my total price. I was pretty careful about buying this bike because it seemed to good to be true: obviously, it wasn’t. I think I got a deal, but what do you’all think?

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    I got a Vitus Zircon II for £300. Ridden twice. Absolutely flawless… SRAM drivetrain, Rockshox recon forks… The works. This thing woulda skinned me £1000-1200 had I bought it new from a store… Lucked out.

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    I got a Vitus Zircon II for £300. Ridden twice.

    Whoa, nice! That’s a great find.


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