69 Trails in New Brunswick

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Sugarloaf Provincial Park Intermediate 20.0 ***** Atholville
Bathurst Single Track 12.0 Bathurst
Bathurst to Pokeshaw 22.0 Bathurst
Rotary park Intermediate 10.0 ***** Dieppe
Velo Edmundston Trail Intermediate 25.0 ***** Edmundston
MVP Trails 20 Fredericton
Furn Gully (MVP Trails) 0.68 Fredericton
Hoot n' Holler (MVP Trails) 0.43 Fredericton
Monkey Business (MVP Trails) 0.34 Fredericton
V-Fib (MVP Trails) 0.6 Fredericton
D-Track (MVP Trails) 0.71 Fredericton
Lower Double Cross (MVP Trails) 0.36 Fredericton
Upper Double Cross (MVP Trails) 0.72 Fredericton
Pinball (MVP Trails) 0.33 Fredericton
Bunny Trail (MVP Trails) 0.55 Fredericton
Connector (Mountain Bike Minto) 0 Minto
Dragline (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.2 Minto
Forlorne (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.7 Minto
Highwall (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.5 Minto
JeDi 0.2 Minto
OTR Extended (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.5 Minto
Orange Tape Road (Mountain Bike Minto) 1.1 Minto
Scotia Banks (Mountain Bike Minto) 1.9 Minto
Social Distancing (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.6 Minto
Spoil Banks (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.25 Minto
Upper Canadian (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.3 Minto
Viral (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.5 Minto
Black Gold (Mountain Bike Minto) 1.36 Minto
Novel Strain (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.7 Minto
SHAKEN 0.35 Minto
Geiger Counter 1.0 Minto
The 8200 Advanced 2.0 **** Minto
Jones Trail 1.0 Minto
Mud Dump Advanced 2.0 *** Minto
Coal Mine Advanced 2.0 **** Minto
New England Connector (Mountain Bike Minto) 1.5 Minto
Tabula Rasa Intermediate 2.7 ***** Minto
Canary 0.16 Minto
Castor 0.9 Minto
Serenity Now 0.8 Minto
Insanity Later 1 Minto
Not Stirred (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.38 Minto
Doctor's Orders (Mountain Bike Minto) 1.09 Minto
Serenity Now (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.8 Minto
Caveat Emptor (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.62 Minto
Spoil Banks (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.25 Minto
Forlorne (Mountain Bike Minto) 0.69 Minto
Insanity Later (Mountain Bike Minto) 1 Minto
Mountain Bike Minto 30 Minto
Scotia Banks 1.875 Minto