361 Trails in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
#5 (Tansky Recreation Site) 0.8 Sooke
$1.87 DH (Mount Prevost) 1.9 North Cowichan
19th Hole (Diamond Head) 0.8 Squamish
1st Step (Mount Elphinstone) 0.7 Roberts Creek
33 1/3 (Trout Lake) 0.3 Halfmoon Bay
3D (Big Tree Trails) 0.7 Sechelt
4 Dead Aliens (Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park) 0.9 Hornby Island
42nd Street (Cumberland) 0.2 Comox Valley
45 (Trout Lake) 0.5 Halfmoon Bay
454 (Mount Elphinstone) 0.4 Gibsons
50:1 (Cumberland) 1.3 Comox Valley
55 + (Middlepoint) 0.6 Halfmoon Bay
A-Side (Trout Lake) 0.2 Halfmoon Bay
A1 (Connor Park) 0.2 Welcome Beach
Access (Snowden Forest) 1.3 Campbell River
Addernach (Big Tree Trails) 0.5 Sechelt
Adventure Route Segment Of The Odt Intermediate 26 ***** Port Angeles
AKA (Connor Park) 0.1 Welcome Beach
Alice Lake Provincial Park Advanced 19.0 **** Squamish
Amuse Bouche (Mount Elphinstone) 0.2 Gibsons
Ankle Biter (Harbourview) 0.36 Sooke
Another Roadside Attraction (Diamond Head) 0.1 Squamish
Arbutus Trail / Airflow (Harbourview) 0.7 Sooke
ATM Machine (Quadra Island Trails) 0.4 Campbell River
B-Side (Trout Lake) 0.3 Halfmoon Bay
B.A.L.L.S. (Trout Lake) 0.2 Halfmoon Bay
B4 (Connor Park) 0.4 Welcome Beach
Backseat Driver (Quadra Island Trails) 1.1 Campbell River
Bad Karen (Penticton Maze) 0.2 Powell River
Baden Powell Trail (Mt Fromme) (Mt Fromme) 2.3 North Vancouver
Beacon Hill Trail (707 Community Park) 0.5 Gabriola
Bear Bait Turns Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 0.8 Courtenay
Bear Buns (Cumberland) 0.9 Comox Valley
Bear Den Trail (Port Alberni Trails) 0.9 Port Alberni
Bears Bait Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 1.7 Courtenay
Beaver Pond Trail (Beaver Lodge Forest Trails) 0.5 Campbell River
Beaver Pond Trail (Port Alberni Trails) 1.1 Port Alberni
Beaver Trail (Cobble Hill) 1.0 Duncan
Bedframe (Suncoast) 0.9 Powell River
Bent Nail (Doumont) 0.3 Nanaimo
Bevan Trail (Forbidden Plateau Trails) 1.6 Courtenay
Beyond Easy (Trout Lake) 1.1 Halfmoon Bay
Big Cedar (Richards Mountain) 0.4 Crofton
Big Dipper Loop (Englishman River Falls Provincial Park) 0.5 Errington
Big Tree Trail (Big Tree Trails) 0.7 Sechelt
Bill & Christa (Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park) 0.5 Hornby Island
Birth Control (Hartland Mountain Bike Park) 0.5 Saanich
Black Hole (Cumberland) 0.5 Comox Valley
Black Tower (Mount Elphinstone) 1.1 Gibsons
Blazing Saddles (Mount Elphinstone) 0.6 Gibsons