Glacier Blue Hills

3.05 out of 5
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↑ 1,700 ft
↓ 2,100 ft
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Great if you are a trials style rider. Lots of technical areas. If you enjoy trails with flow, air or speed, you will find none of that here. These are really just hiking trails that allow biking on them.
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Granny Gear

March 26, 2019
2stroke250 Granny Gear  
Review: I love this trail! Very challenging this is what mountain biking is all about bike setup,rider conditioning, line selection ect. I'm a little confused why people spend lots of money on trick rising rate linkage suspension ,oversized rotors , long travel big sanctions forks ,wide rims ect then ride on a smooth machine built trail? Isn't the whole purpose of mtbing dialing in your bike for the given conditions? Instead of complaining how terribly difficult the trail is practice/ride more technical trail it's not fair to Improve dumbdown trail so less skilled riders won't complain their are lots of trails for them in the area .

Similar Trail: None

Granny Gear

March 13, 2019
chilllout Granny Gear  
Review: Hey everyone, think these trails are awful??
Well here is your chance to make a difference. Metro Mountain Bikers are raising funds to upgrade the Glacier Blue Hills MTB experience with machine-built trails, flow sections, bridges, drops, and other fun goodies. This work isn't cheap, though. The goal is to raise $300,000. Do your part by donating at www dot metromountainbikers dot com. I'm stoked, how about you?


September 4, 2018
Review: i cant believe the amount of bad reviews. if you like technical riding and don't mind pedaling, this is the best spot in southeastern Wisconsin. great for practicing enduros.

Granny Gear

August 13, 2018
Review: I love this place.... Obviously alot of it is for hiking but that what makes it so much fun. If the trail is too steep to walk up, that's my favorite kind of trail and you'll enjoy this place if you do too.

Granny Gear

March 26, 2018
bredep Granny Gear  
Review: Rode here for the first time and this place certainly doesn't deserve all the 1 star reviews. It isn't fast or flowing and the climbs are steep and mean but it's still a fun place to ride. There are lots of fun sections and some of, if not the best views on a trail anywhere. Trail direction is somewhat confusing, there are signs at random corners and small arrows but no indication of what your supposed to follow.

Overall it's a fun place and I'll definitely be going back.


April 24, 2017
Review: Glacier Blue Hills is in my opinion a great place to ride. Nestled in kettle country you get much more up and down and technical riding than in much of Southeastern Wisconsin. You can go fast on these trails, there's just greater risk and you need a lighter touch on your bike. Lots of rocks and roots to make it challenging. There are a few downhills that I found both fun and challenging and plenty of uphills (there are switchbacks, you just need to know where they are) that will challenge you aerobically.

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Granny Gear

April 9, 2017
josharp186 Granny Gear  
Review: Okay, I don't think the trails really deserve 1 star. They are what they are and if you enjoy mountain biking than I believe you should enjoy these trails. Yes, its the kind of park where you will be riding and telling yourself, whatever goes up must come down as there are some stupid brutal climbs filled with rocks, grooves, and roots that are almost impossible to climb. And yes, the park has a lot of trails that just connect, intersect and every once in a while you will see an arrow on a tree guiding you in the right direction. But this allows for some exploration. You can hit each combo in a few tries and do it all in about an hour. This park though has some very fun descents when you find them, a few are rather steep and technical. I have seen better, but for what it is, it is not too bad.


October 3, 2016
filmboi Gramcounter  
Review: Another review. Road these trails again, and just like before, they suck big time. These may be the most awful mountain bike trails in the Wisconsin. But this time I looked at each of the trails looking at what could be done to make them better. Some of them a few changes here or there and you can go from awful to good. So there is potential in some. Most are just a lost cause and there are places where the terrain is just screaming for a trail to take advantage of the amazing topography this place has that is not getting used. Would be love to help to make this place better, so if there is anyone interested in doing some work to improve this place, would love to help. Also would love to find who is already working out here on the trails so we can do something with these trails and make this a good place to ride someday.

September 30, 2016
Review: These trails really are bad. They suck for mountain biking. Some people clearly have invested time making these and keeping them up. Too bad all that effort is wasted. A club or someone who knows what they are doing is much needed here. The people who designed the bike park in Slinger could really help transform the trails here. But as they stand now, I would give these zero stars if it allowed. One star is one star too much for these crappy trails.


September 28, 2016
filmboi Gramcounter  
Review: I will start with the positives. If you live in West Bend, it is close. You can legally ride bikes here, so no trespassing worries or law enforcement worries. It has one good trail and one ok trail.

Now to the negatives. The biggest negative is the only good trail is the double track, as it is the only one where you can have decent flow and speed. There are some 20 plus other trails here and one is ok and can be fun, but is to short and poorly kept up. The others were made like you would make a hiking trail, not a mountain bike trail. They have no flow and not many areas where you can enjoy any real speed. If you are a trials rider that enjoys crawling along and getting over and around things very slowly, you could enjoy these trails, but if you want to enjoy a good ride with wind in your face, getting some air and speeding through turns, you won't find any of that here. Now to the worst part. This place has some amazing topography and such a gorgeous setting, but is wasted on a bunch of awful trails that technically should not be classified as biking trails. The best thing would be to eliminate the trails here and starting over with someone who knows how to build trails. The trails here are clearly built by people who are clueless. Also as a warning, 3 trails were built so badly, anyone with handlebars 700mm or wider can not pass between two trees in which the trail goes in between. This could seriously injure someone with wide bars.

Glacier Blue Hills MTB Trail 3.05 out of 5 based on 21 ratings. 21 user reviews.
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