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328 North Bradford Street
gainesville, Georgia
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  • kenwrightjr

    I had a great experience by the young man who sold me my first bike. Very patient and informational about pros/cons of certain bikes, etc. After taking bike in for 1st free maintenance and a few tweaks I had an even better experience with Cody who works on the bikes. He educated me on certain things and made sure that I didn't do other modifications this early in learning my new bike. Only con is they could use some more accessories to sell like shoes, clothing, etc.

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  • Brandon Conley

    No paperwork with my new bike. No explanation of general maintenance or operating procedures. Just "ok thanks for your business" and that was it. First ride out and the rear cable slipped and i lost shifting on my camber. Wheels were never trued. Luckily i am able to do all this myself. I do believe they have changed all their employees since i had these issues in Feb of 2016 though.

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  • kenwrightjr

    Great customer service with the customer in mind at all times. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to purchase a new bike.

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  • crp534

    Very small selection and small store but it looked like they were making some additions. Good location and late hours though.

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  • raaiken

    great place friendly staff a they have done a great job with the building they have

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