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The Line Experience (HQ in North Bend and Snoqualmie WA) has a mission to help more people get into mountain and gravel biking. Our goal is to break down the biggest barriers to experiencing the trails:

  • Accessing the right equipment - Bikes are expensive, hard to transport, store, and maintain. We provide rental bikes at affordable rates. We also place staffed Trailhead kiosks right at the point of use, so we can help set up the right bike for the type of ride and rider.
  • Confidence & reducing risk - Mountain biking and trail riding have been portrayed as extreme sports. We're here to broaden that image!  We support all riders to get out and experience biking in their own way, on terrain that they feel comfortable on.  To help on the journey, we're developing skills coaching for new to advanced riders, including our Race Ready program.
  • Know where to ride - It can be intimidating to get started - and one of the main questions is where do I go?  Come to our North Bend Experience Center or one of our Trailhead locations, and we can get you going with guidance on the trails that are right for every skill level.
  • Accessories
  • Bike fitting
  • Bike sales
  • Group rides
  • Guiding
  • MTB rentals
  • Parts
1130 E North Bend Way
North Bend, Washington

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