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40 North Main Street
Fairport, New York

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  • Scott P Hegarty

    Best LBS in the Finger Lakes!(Canandaigua) They are more concerned about getting you out on the trail then getting you to spend $$$. I have always felt like more then a customer. They are always on point when fixing and tuning up your bike. They are very well educated on all the products they carry. They stay up to date on all the latest tech out or coming out. Great shop with great people!!!!

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  • Chaztor

    Great shop right off the canal in Fairport. I couldn't agree less with coffeebeans review. The staff has always been attentive and informative even when they are packed. I have been in there dozens of times and have yet to spend thousands of buck. Even when just looking they have been great. Only complaint; No Pump or air line for low tires?!? Come on now.

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  • coffeebeans

    RV&E carries all the usual bikes; Specialized, Trek, Gary Fisher, etc. The bikes they sell are great, the customer service, however, is not. Upon entering the store you're smacked in the face with the stench of arrogance that fills the store. Whenever I'm in RV&E I feel that I'm being watched, as if I'm going to steal something. Whenever I need help I'm never tended to with care, but I suppose if I were dropping over a grand on one of their bikes I would be looked at much differently. A customer is a customer, I'm giving you my money I demand to be treated with respect! I cannot rate the repair services as I've never had them work on my bike. I myself and many others feel they are extremely overpriced due to the lack of competition they face. The bottom line: if you're in need of something right then and there (say a tube), RV&E should be alright. If not, I would try to stay away from them. If you don't mind being treated like dirt because you're not buying anything or what you're buying is less than $20 bucks, this is your store. If you like good customer service and friendly atmospheres, try another store.

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