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4284 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  • arnolda14   ✓ supporter

    These shops are fairly generic - like walmart for bikes. They have really good prices and are well-stocked but a store like this can never replace a good local shop where you can build relationships with an expert staff. They are a wind-powered business so they get an extra point for that. Personally, I would never buy a bike that had been built up at one of these mega-stores.

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  • shane_anthony77

    I go to Performance at least once a week. I just like the sevice there and there is always great deals. I recommend becoming a Performance Member if you shop there at all.

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  • Jeepmb

    Being a chain, the people there knew their stuff well. They got a ton of stuff, a good store brand. Repairs are reasonable and done well. You will be satisfied.

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