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3027 East Harmony Road
Fort Collins, Colorado

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  • Gizzy

    Really like this shop...and I am Particular,

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  • DanK_NoCo

    I really like Peleton. I've bought 3 bike here. The "free" lifetime tuneups are a really good deal. I like the service dept, and I do keep them busy.
    The shop is really focused on Specialized, so there's not a lot of brand diversity to choose from.
    The location also happen to be great for me - right across the street from work.

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  • Chad_Pease

    Bought 3000 dollar bike front shock leaks 8 months old would not fix told me I should take better care of my bike. I'll buy my bikes else were

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  • *****

    This is where my family gets their bikes

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