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6935 South Carter Rd. Suite 2, Lakeland, FL
Lakeland, Florida

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  • Florida Shredder

    Great shop! If you live in lakeland its by far the best! You've gotten me and my friends out of a lot of jams! Thanks, Zach

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  • james r truitt

    I have been on trek, giant, specialized , but hands down Leroy's is the shop to go to he put me on the scott spark and I haven't looked back the bike is insane and the people are more than helpfull they are like a best friend they look at you as family not just another sail and your out the door you need it they can find it five star no this shop is a ten star shop

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  • spike07

    If you live in Lakeland your next to the best bike shop in town!!! If you live in Tampa or Orlando it's worth the drive!!! By far the best bike shop in central Florida and this is why: I bought a trek two months prior and spent over a $100.00 on repairs. I was told I was to big for the big by the people that sold it to me, (what?). And they didn't standby there product. Leroy's fitted me to the bike I needed. They stand behind what they sale... Five stars just because I couldn't give it ten!!!!

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  • blurdude

    The best bike shop in Lakeland. Leroy is the man.

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