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1001 E WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina

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  • sfwill

    Staff is rude and pushy, won't really let you look around. Also very judge mental and talk to you like you're stupid. Only guy I like is the older guy usually doing repairs. TREK SNOBS. I understand your store sells treks, but I don't go into your establishment to hear you sh!t talk my bike and tell me how much better that $4100 top fuel carbon...

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  • *

    I went looking to get some parts there. The staff was kind of rude. They kept pushing for me to bring the bike by and drop it off for a repair and a tune up. They were treating me like I was stupid, and I did not appreciate it. I will be taking my bike to get it in gear cycles frond now on.

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  • EZ-E

    Referred a friend to this shop, he dropped @ $1500 on a bike. They made an oversight on a discount he was eligible for buying the bike - then would only give a store credit, not $. The bike started having issues with the drivetrain and bad creaking about 2-3 weeks after purchase...over a year later and 2-3 visits for the same issue the creaking and drivetrain skipping still comes and goes.
    The shop continued to charge for parts/labor associated with the issue that started right after purchase.
    However, if you do go here, ask for Corey...he's a great wrench and was genuinely interested in repairs I needed when I brought my bike in.

    Because of the issues my friend experienced after I referred him...I've switched and I am pointing all my friends to the new "Performance Bike" shop that opened 10/2006 on South Blvd in Charlotte. Mechanic: Ask for "Kate" - she was very helpful with a rear shock rebuild I recently had...she also went above and beyond on the little extras with the tune-up I had done.

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