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2 Prince St
Alexandria, Virginia

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  • benitomoreti

    this review is a complete fabrication..they must have confused big wheel bikes with another shop or have a personal vendetta against an employee.

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  • bikergirlz

    In defense of my local shop regarding the first post ,which looks as if a professional web reviewer added the entire shop profile JUST to defame them (is this allowed here?)
    I was in the shop yesterday after having my hydraulics worked on and saw first hand what type of bikes they DO rent out.
    All seem to be name brands.
    No dept. store bikes.
    Only Treks,Marin's,Gary Fischer,Cervelo,Specialized ect.
    The bikes were not dirty at all,they clean and tune them weekly from what the manager said.
    The shop is not "dirty" it simply has character and what does one expect from a bike shop anyway,that is just silly.
    Personally just because Im a girl does not mean I am a prima donna.
    I don not like shops where you can eat off the floor, I want a bike shop to have that "smell" of bikes and oil just like my Mercedes auto shop does.
    Im sticking up for my boys here and obviously some people have personal problems with any or every retail establishment the venture into so with that in mind I can say that the service and quality of bikes are first rate.

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