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2802 S Havana St
Aurora, Colorado

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    Last spring we bought my son his first mountain bike at their tent sale. Got a good deal on it. Service was okay at best. I went back in this past week to get some stuff for the wifes bike and had quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever had anywhere. I was just asking some questions about tubeless setups and tires. The sales person treated me like a complete idiot and started to get defensive about what I was asking him because he didnt know the answer to the question but would not abmit he didnt know. He kept back pedaling for everything he said so when I finally got frustrated and called him on it he actually said to me" I dont know who the hell you are and you would probably come back on me saying it wouldnt work" I just turned around with my wife and left. I will never ever go back there again. Worst shop in the Denver area. I would avoid at all costs.

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    • Gdb49

      Don't shop the Denver store, but can tell you the guys at the Colorado Springs store are very nice and caring people, with a great manager running the shop.

  • arnolda14   ✓ supporter

    This is one of those generic big stores - kind of like a walmart for bikes. There's a large selection of stuff and sometimes there are good sales, but these kinds of stores can never replace the service and TLC of a good, local shop. These larger stores don't take the time and care when building up their bikes that the local guys do and their prices are surprisingly as low as you might expect. Their annual spring tent sale is a good place to get good prices on last year's bikes, but you have to get there early and know what you're looking for.

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  • raleighman91

    not thrilled with the shop i think its expenisive

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  • Jeepmb

    They definatly have a good selection of stuff. Good prices for a big company. Good service without the snobbishness of the smaller bike shop owners for not buying with them.

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  • Lancefan

    This is a great bike shop. The service is great, they give good advice and their prices aren't horrible.

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