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2450 Montebello Square Dr
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  • larmore21

    Bought my bike here, very helpful, free checkup. Knowledgable staff, will continue business with them.

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  • TheMTBiker89

    Definitely the worst bike store in town. The employees do not care to help you. I've been there a few times and most of them do not bother to ask you if you need help and if you do ask them a question they treat you like you are an idiot. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

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  • teamfreak16

    Convenient location and good selection of bikes and equipment. However, I was given a 24 hour time frame on a simple back tire replacement, which ended up taking 3 days and still wasn't ready. And I was still charged for labor, even after being told I wouldn't be.


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  • shane_anthony77

    I bought my Rockhopper there, but I wish that I would have looked around at some of the other shops in town now. The Shop has a huge bike selection, but not much on the service.

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  • RideorDie

    This shop has a huge bike selection and limited accesories. There are a couple of knowlegable people who work here, but your odds of getting someone friendly and knowledgable are not great. If you are serious rider, support one of the other shops in town. If you are looking for a large selection of rec bikes, then go here.

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  • hippiedeb

    I bought my Specialized Hardrock here. First bike purchase in 24 years. I was overwhelmed and nearly ran screaming out the door when the pushy salesgal charged at me with, "how much do you want to spend?" I told her that I was nervous, and didn't know what I was looking for and she proceeded to make me feel miserable and embarrassed. Luckily my husband played interference and got her off of me. We hooked up with another rep and I found my bike (it was love at first site). The selection of bikes was pretty big, the store is enormous and you can ride around in it. They have a repair shop onsite and cool clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. All in all a nice shop, except for the pushy gal.

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