Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse

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527 13th St
Augusta, Georgia
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  • Eric Story

    The best LBS in the area. Always warm and welcoming. Whether your new to riding or an old pro, they treat you the same. They provide knowledge, examples, and answer any questions you might have about any item, and then allow you to make a decision. Never pushy, whether a bike, or a $5.00 part. I have been riding for just 6 months and this shop has absolutely blown me away with their customer service. Two thumbs up!

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  • truckgirl22

    I will always go to Andy Jordan's. Everyone who works there is an integral part of the bike community both at work and off. Sure they have great bikes, but you're not a sale -they make sure you have the bike you need. They aren't condescending or rude in any way. I've seen people purchasing $5k bikes and others bringing the kids in for their first "big kid" bike. We get a lot of new people to Augusta and I'd recommend AJ's if you want to feel like you're a part of the community

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  • SCSR_Ratchet

    It is a decent shop I only have two issues with it. 1.) They are higher priced than every other shop for accessories and parts. 2.) The shop doesn't feel very welcoming. Both times I went in there no one said hi to me until I approached them with a question. May have just been they were very busy or they were having a bad day I'm not sure. I wouldn't tell anyone not to go here but I would probably recommend one of the other shops in the area first.

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  • Natalia_GA

    Wonderful people! I went in just browsing and left with a bike that I love. They really take the time to help you find the best bike for your needs and fit it to you. I'll never shop any other bike store.

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  • besco

    Great bike shop and these guys know their stuff Andy, his son Drew and employee Nate have all won bike events in Georgia and the Southeast. They have the best selection that I have ever seen and customize your purchases for what you need and do. Tinker, buy and ride etc.

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