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  • davuja

    Solid bike no matter where or what you ride

    Love the bike. May be the last ride I'll even need (barring a non repairable bail). Everything in the aforementioned review was on point. The ability to lock out your suspension makes it great for daily commuting and unlock it and absorb a plethera of obstacles with great travel. The way the suspension feels reminds me of a moto dirt bike. The Hayes brakes are amazing , my first bike with disc brakes, of course the only time I use them is when a stupid car pulls out in front of me.
    The bike also can with SPD clip less pedals, high end shimano derailer system and Fox shocks.
    The bike can really do it all, from daily commuting, to trail riding, climbing and downhilling. This is a complete bike.

    A bit on the expensive end ( I was fortunate to get mine at almost P off retail)

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  • a_little_john

    i do recommend it

    its just a great bike light handles great . , the shimano xt are great . i own two onw in the gray and one in white .love the carbon fiber parts on it.tires are great . dont plan on changing them till they fail.rode this bike in germany for a while and it was a blast

    not the lightest bike but not heavy either. price

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  • Travis_Graves

    if your looking for a great all around bike this is it. very unique design that if you want people to ogle your setup almost guarantees it.

    great ride. plenty of flex in front and rear end to pound any trail. fox shock lock out makes steep climbs and road travel no problem. stainless steal components make water crossings anything but avoided. back tire clearance to frame hasn't yet been clogged with debris. smooth travel arch on back suspension is just amazing. when landing a jump or big bump there is no peddle slack. if you haven't ridden one its hard to describe the feeling. the horizontal bar's sweep has me not as worried when i slip forward. "plenty of room"

    white shows dirt.

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